Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ok so here it goes. My first blog. After much debate I have decided to write a (hopefully) exciting and humorous insight into my life as a student. However at the moment I can't help but think that this may have been the worst time of the year to start up a blog. Exams are looming and procrastination has become my best friend... Case in point being I have watched two episodes of Hollyoaks despite having an exam tomorrow. It is SO worth it to watch crazy Loretta

Anyway now for the point of this entry. The World Cup. I have nothing against the game of football, nor the tournament. What I do object to is that my house (currently me and four boys) now seems to revolve around talks of fixtures, game results and their impending millions earned via Paddypower. My brain (probably for the best) often enters shut down as the boys enter a ridiculously detailed summary of every game. If enduring this was not enough I also have to have my minimal revision time disturbed by frequent shouting at the television followed by mild debates concerning a yellow card or the skill involved in a goal.
I'm completely behind following the football, supporting our country and watching some talented (if highly overpaid) sportsmen, I just wish that a) my boyfriend did not insist on watching three matches a day, even if they are between Honduras and Chile (hardly my idea of excitement) and therefore encouraging the others into "banter" about games and b) I was not subjected to the ins and outs of fixtures and how they affected bets that had been placed.
Rant over.

I probably should go and revise.
Or watch Hollyoaks

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