Monday, 28 June 2010

So I'm Home

Second year has been and gone in a flash. I can't believe that next year will be my last year of student life! The last year of irresponsible drinking on weeknights, the last year of hours of guitar hero with the house band, the last year of increasing overdrafts and all the other stuff which makes student life so fun. I no doubt will make the same promises as I did last year that I will tidy up more, will do my work earlier (NEVER happens) and will be more cautious with money. By week 2 all of these will have been broken and I will return to living a normal and healthy student life.

So now I'm home. Its nice, the weather is lovely and having a clean house is heaven! I am yet to venture to the beach, but can't wait to spend some quality hours down there. Being in the midlands really makes me miss the sea.

It just hasn't sunk in that I'm here for another 12 weeks, I feel like this year has gone so quickly, especially as I only finished exams a week ago. Packing up my room was sad, it looked so bare and lonely! I wish I could have left a note letting next years tenants know what they're in for (a broken shower door, all the mould you could ever want in the bathroom, a leaking tap and huge heating bills). Its not the luxury of campus accommodation! Oh well, all part of the student experience!
I've spent the day filling rubbish bags with old crap I had collected and am yet to embark on all my old work, for some reason I hate throwing out old books and sheets despite never once saying "oh my GCSE maths book will help me now!" I will however be happy to dispose of some of the horrible work from this year and wave goodbye to Foucault, Arendt and early modern medicine.

(I wish they had these for degree work. Oh the memories!)

Oh and finally, I have slightly changed my tune about BetFred or whatever my housemates were using as if the Netherlands win the world cup my boyfriend will win £900. Cheeky holiday? COME ON NETHERLANDS!

Onwards and upwards.

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