Sunday, 22 August 2010

Awful Weather, Awful Films

HOW IRONIC. I decided that I would not go on holiday with my family so I could work and earn lots of wonga. However for the last 4 days the weather has been AWFUL! I've not been to work and have spent the days feeling sorry for myself and watching an unhealthy amount of youtube (particularly KassemG and his amazing "California on" series), daytime tv and awful awful films. This has not been helped by the fact I've been feeling a bit rubbish and everyone knows the cure for a general under-the-weatherness is to do nothing and watch as many films/daytime tv as possible. I seriously did not realise how many bad films were out there! I just don't understand how people on the set watched the acting and didn't say a word about the awful script/acting quality.

Is it wrong to fancy KassemG? I think its the glasses.

The first bad film I saw was Evan Almighty. I LOVE Steve Carell but this was an absolute shocker. I mean COME ON, a man having to build an arc for a dam that will break and wash him up on Capitol Hill?! That is surely the peak of poor script writing, this was made even worse by the appalling special effects and seeing as the film was 80% special effects it was a little disaster. At several points I laughed out loud at the crappy quality

I've just finished watching What a Girl Wants. I knew it would be rubbish so wasn't as disappointed as with Evan Almighty but it was sooooo bad. It was an American film trying to capture the British aristocratic life with Colin Firth being predictably casted. But I love Colin so I can forgive him for anything. I just felt so un-British the whole way through because I don't say "oh what a pickle" or say "loo" instead of "toilet". Furthermore the acting was terrible!

Perhaps I should stop watching crud films and get an actual life. Saying that, I'm now watching The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl which is as bad as these two put together. They're in the land of cookies and milk and everything is horribly fluorescent and about 99% of the film is computer generated. EURGH.

Anyway these past two days of living on my own have not been great, I should have known that I would not cope due to me being somewhat life retarded. Yesterday I burnt my curry sauce YEP. Never done that, so had to eat egg fried rice for dinner YUM. I drove the wrong way to my friends house but didn't realise until halfway going the wrong way. I also stalled the car at the petrol station and keep forgetting to let out my chickens. I definitely think I'm not old enough to be a grown up. I've just had to text Mo to see if I can wash beige with whites, at uni I just bung it all in together and hope for the best!
Sorry this is so flipping long today! xx

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