Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Last Airbender

Ok so I'm going to try something crazy. A MOVIE REVIEW. Ok maybe not, maybe just a blog on the worst movie I've ever seen. At least I can console myself that I went on an orange Wednesday so I didn't waste too much money! I've heard it was based on a tv show and a book so fair enough some people were quite excited to see it but having seen nothing of it before I went in with no high expectations.

The plot? Well four nations (earth, wind, fire and water) lived together in peace with the avatar ruling over them and communicating with spirits. Then the avatar is frozen in ice and during his absence the fire nation try to take over and become all powerful. The avatar can "bend" all four elements compared to other "benders" who can only "bend" one. Therefore he needs to learn how to "bend" all elements before being able to fully defeat fire nation.This film is part one where he learns to be a "water bender". WOW. You can see its going to be good.

My first criticism is that after sitting through like 140 mins or something I realised it all could have been condensed into about a 30 minute film had they not filled it with endless footage of people doing what I can only describe as interpretive dance. Furthermore this lead to no real fighting at all, no deaths, no tension and me giggling whilst a very serious yoga position was whipping up the wind.

My second criticism is that there was NO BLOODY EMOTION. Every opportunity to create tension failed, there was no fear, no love, no death, NOTHING. Even a possible romance was described (in a very monotone voice over) as "they soon became very good friends". This was not helped by the fact that the graphics were just tornadoes and balls of water being thrown around.

Thirdly the acting and casting was terrible. Yes ok, they were younger actors and obviously the "avatar" was played by like a 5 year old so I can't expect much. However, what I can expect is there to be some continuity in the casting. They had cast the whole fictional world, which I can only assume is based on the books, as Asian and had yet casted some of the main characters as white British or American actors?! Surely they can't have thought the audience was stupid enough to fall for that.

After this massive rant you must be wondering why the hell I bothered to go and see such a film but Billy and I just decided it would be good for a laugh, and it was. It was good to laugh as they exclaimed "You're a bender?!" and the whole cinema giggled. It was good to laugh at the 20 minutes of interpretive dance before anything happened and it was good to laugh at acting as stale as bread you find at the back of the cupboard. Should I take up movie reviewing or is it just an excuse for me to rant and rant and rant?

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