Sunday, 1 August 2010

To holiday or not to holiday?

SO the family is going on holiday and I can't decide whether to go or stay. It is weighing bloody heavy on my mind, let me tell you. I'm trying to weigh up a nice relaxing break against a potential £350 of wages. I could be starting the uni year with out an overdraft, an incredibly tempting idea. OH GAWD. I've set myself the deadline of deciding by tomorrow (Monday) but I don't wanna!What I need is someone to make it for me, or the coin of truth... I could go more into it but I don't think anyone wants to know. I just don't know what to do, both have many advantages. I just wish I hadn't been to the same place like a gazillion times. I'm sure whatever happens it will work out for the best. I think it is just the fear of letting down the rents, but then I guess I'm not young any more and family holidays are going to have to stop sometime. I'm not too young for one of these though:

YEP. An inflatable boat. I'm so spending my wages on this!! It can join my rubber ring in the useful-once-a-year-for-novelty pile.
OH YES. I almost forgot. I'm now working like a bazillion days a week because I got sacked from one of my jobs (boohoo me) because I was too unreliable. Luckily my other employers wanted me and I've found working life is not such a chore anymore. The money is brilliant. I've thought of so much junk to spend it on (see above) and am also debating a flip cam

Probably not necessary though because I've never really thought to myself I want to film anything. Maybe for use at home more than uni. Filming people writing dissertations will not be so much of a hit... Perhaps I've become too obsessed with the Internet. That is the most plausible reason for me wanting one of these.
OH and twitter has unexpectedly taken over my life. I take back all scorn I had for it, it is an amazing tool for prying into the lives of celebs in a very shallow kind of way. So please follow me. OR ELSE.
Well this went on longer than expected. Finally is this a weird brunch? People at work laughed at me.

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