Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Well this is different, and definitely worrying. My blogging has reached new heights of procrastination. I'm in the library with a stack of documents to read for tomorrow and have done nothing but tweet, facebook stalk (yep in a creepy way) and contemplate a blog post. I still haven't managed to come up with a solid topic so apologies in advance if this is a ramble and once you reach the end you feel cheated and a tiny bit dead inside.
In case you haven't guessed I'm back at university. The start of my final year, the beginning of the end and let me tell you the fear is mounting. I'm too young to be pushed on to the streets of the world, I'm too young to have to get up for a 9 o'clock start every day and I'm too young to really appreciate weekends. I'm hoping to combat this fear by desperately searching for a job that will provide fun, satisfaction and good pay (its not looking good).
Enough of my incessant moaning about real life, I need to bloody well man up and get on with it. I have decided to become an organised machine, everything in folders, the majority (heavy emphasis on majority, not all) of my reading done and a real effort to not leave it to the night before. So far so good, my four hours this week have been filed away and have managed to keep up with all the reading. Not so good is my work for my seminar tomorrow which is currently glaring at me, challenging me to concentrate on it for more than 5 minutes. How can I when every time I look down at it I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of tiredness, reading is clearly bad for my health.
I'm thinking of doing a weekly blog but fear that is too keen and my life will not be anywhere near exciting enough to fill up a stamp, let alone a blog! I hear what you are saying "make your life more exciting then because I blooming love your blogs" and you know what maybe I will, maybe tomorrow I will just jump on a train somewhere... NAHT. That is so unlike me. Perhaps I will just take a bath rather than a shower or perhaps I will stay up past midnight ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! On a positive note I am fully being a mentor for fresher history students this year and was thinking of giving them a bottle of wine or some shots just to ensure I'm the coolest mentor around. Perhaps this is the opportunity I've been waiting for and I will discover my inner leader and charisma. Or perhaps they are perfectly capable of binge drinking and rolling out of bed to seminars, this is definitely the most likely option.
I'm off to do some real work now. Don't hold me to it, just believe and maybe it will happen. Weekly blog? Do I need a life? Do I talk to myself to much?
BYE xxxx

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