Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bye Bye Christmas, Bye Bye 2010

Today is one of those weird days between Christmas and new year. My house still has all its decorations up, my presents are still in a pile downstairs and we still turn our outside lights on and yet in two days time it will be 2011 it's flipping mental. I don't know whether I should be sad about Christmas ending or sad about 2010 ending or looking forward to a new year. Gosh.

My Christmas was a particularly lovely one. I took some photos. That's right.

I still get super excited at Christmas, especially Christmas eve. I flipping can't wait for Father Christmas to deliver my presents. As mentioned in my last post I didn't really know what I wanted for this year, absolute nightmare, so I got some nice icing stuff and my mum has latched onto the idea of buying me a coat. I have a coat. A very recognisable pink coat. People get panicky in the summer when they can't spot me as easily. My mum (probably wisely) thinks that I need a smarter coat, but not once did I suggest this myself and I spent a day with her trying on coats. None of them felt right, a bit like I was coat cheating on my pink Musto...

Anyway I got some nice jewellery, lots of baking/icing stuff to make pretty cakes for everyone and lots of chocolate as well as other nice things. Lee brought me some Nerds all the way from America (thanks courier James) and the Sex and the City box set and I'm already in love with it and have watched all of season one and am now cruising through season 2. My favourite bit about Christmas is the TV but this year I was a little bit disappointed with what was on and the fact that I didn't make enough time for it. I did watch The Snowman AND Die Hard (best film ever) though so Christmas was complete.

As for the new year. I have very little to say about it. It is waaaay too scary to think about. University will come to an end and my life will become real. WAAAAHH. I will just shove that to the back of my mind and panic when the time comes. I used to be organised...

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  1. It was my pleasure getting the Nerds! I was fearful Lee would take all the credit for himself - as usual - but luckily my fears were unfounded! It took me a while to get his text, Lee spelled it 'Nerdz' rather than 'Nerds', so I spent ages in the shop looking for this nonexistent confectionary!

    Anyway, Happy New Year and thank you for another enjoyable blog, I very much like reading them! x


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