Saturday, 26 February 2011

This Term is a Nightmare

What did I expect? Second term of my third year  to be an absolute breeze? Well yea...
How silly of me, why on earth would that ever be the case. Not only do I have an interesting but time consuming dissertation hanging over my head but also 2 assessed essays and all the seminar work I'm trying to keep up with. I know, I know, "quit moaning Becca, you students have it easy".

To write this blog I've sneaked off during No Country For Old Men but its ok, I slept for 15 mins during it and I voted to watch it thinking it was The Men Who Stare at Goats. What a mistakea to makea

This film features intense shooting and lots of silences starring Tommy Lee Jones
This film has the lovely George Clooney in as well as Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey AND a Goat. How foolish I feel now.

Anyway I feel the need to fill in on what has happened in my life. I can't believe I've not written for two months! Well the most recent and exciting news is that today I felt warm whilst walking to Iceland (compulsory curly fries trip) and didn't wear my winter coat! When the sky is blue and the sun is out it always makes me feel instantly happier and life no longer seems to drag through days and days of greyness (emo).

Here is a brief overview of what has happened:

New Years - Spent the evening with Charlotte watching Sex and the City 2 whilst munching through our body weight in junk food. Things turned sour when she told me that Jools Holland's Hootenanny was pre-recorded. My disbelief was almost borderline anger at spending many New Years Eves believing Kylie had really taken time out to spend the night with me.

Term 2 -A considerable decrease in money and therefore amount of time spent going out. This is further compounded by the fact there is no where to go and its been so bloody cold. Also sometimes it is just nice to cuddle up and watch TV or a film with my boyfriend. On the work front I have been trying to juggle deadlines, presentations and dissertations. I am enjoying mine though, it is on "Phony America" and the alienation of the 1950s. LOVELY STUFF. Really perks me up...

Valentines Day- A champagne brunch and a lovely bunch of flowers from Lee. I got him a 'grow your own penguin' a vortex ball and Kick Ass... I learnt that I suck at present buying. Getting him Seamonkeys crossed my mind until I checked out the Wikipedia page for them.... Gross

Beautiful flowers from Lee

Cakes - I have become quite the baker. Don't think I limit myself just to cakes, oh no. I have been known to do flapjacks and brownies. In fact my skills got so good that Rachel my housemate asked me to bake 40 of them for her dissertation performance and boy oh boy was that some baking Monday. Here are pictures:

That is about all I think, and this has gone on waaay too long. I had better get back to the film I guess. 
Goodbye! xxx

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