Sunday, 3 April 2011

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

I can hear you all crying out about how disgusting it is to have mayonnaise in a cake. I thought that too until I tried it in 6th form and I have to say, I've never looked back. The mayonnaise is used to replace the eggs and margarine/stork which goes into cakes usually. The one drawback I find is that when I'm measuring out the mayo I really hate the smell of it, and hate that I have to put it in a cake, but the results are worth it.

I used to have a really good recipe which I think came from Blue Peter but I can't find it now, and used this one  today on Love Food Hate Waste

Sadly mine looks nothing like the photo on the website. It looks so much more homemade (some would say messy)

Lee and his chocolatey goopy cake mix
In the (disgusting) oven it goes.

We put ours in the oven for 45 mins but it should have been longer, what can I say, just so eager to eat it. This may also explain why it had a mini paddy and collapsed when we took it out of the baking tin.

Lame way to spend the baking time

Jay-Z soundtrack, compulsory for baking

Ok so, the end result as I've already said was a tad messy. However I think this picture does capture its best side... Its a nice gooey with a nice thick chocolate topping and icing sugar. This piece I gave to Lee because he did do most of the mixing and most of everything. I just did some measuring and dissolving. My piece I had to eat out of a bowl because it just fell apart. 

Lets hope that next time I don't get super eager and take it out of the oven before its done... It does still taste delicious though and very moreish!



  1. I admit, I did cringe as soon as I read 'mayonnaise', but it looks AMAZING! All fluffy and moist and yum!

  2. Never would have thought to put mayonnaise in a cake! Sounds disgusting but looks lovely. Might have to give it a go!x


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