Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's Been a Lush Easter

 This sunny weather has not been good for my work ethic, not good at all. As soon as I sit down to do something I am straight back up and the next thing I know I've spent 10 minutes wandering around the garden doing absolutely nothing. It has however meant that my mum has been asking if I want a gin and tonic or glass of wine to drink outside at about 2. I have however rather heroically resisted almost every time. 

One thing being home does to me is make me long for a weekend that I can spend doing something other than reading for essays or reading for seminars. Something manual like watering the garden. Having a structured week is I guess what I'm saying. Sick and tired of always feeling guilty for having a day off. Saying that, I have no problem wasting hours of the day by doing almost any thing that isn't work. Then I have the bare cheek to get The Fear at night and to moan whenever mum tells me to sit back down and work. Apparently facebook stalking reeks of procrastination...

Easter isn't Easter without a lindt bunny
My mummy makes pancakes for breakfast

 Why the devil am I drinking pink bubbly I can hear everyone ask? Well because we celebrated my birthday early by going out to a meal and having lovely wine and some family photos. For an evening it did really feel like my birthday and I loved it! Never one to turn down wine and a good meal, especially if it is all about me... I had scampi and chips. Standard. 

Overall, a lovely week at home topped off by a great weekend! 



  1. I don't think I could turn down a G and T from my mum either! I know how hard it is to work when it's nice out :( xx

  2. Know exactly what you mean by the 'guilt' and The Fear!

  3. I know too!
    Thanks for your coment! i lovee lindt chocolate rabbit !

    Shall we follow each other?
    take care

  4. Your mum sounds like my kinda gal - def not resisting :o) Scarlett x

  5. your blog makes my little heart flutter.
    the pictures are super dreamy!
    happy blogging lovely one x x x


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