Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oh, Hi There...

This is me (badly drawn, very badly drawn)

BOOM. I started with a picture, threw you didn't it.
Hi everyone. I'm Becca and I'm under third year stress.
There I said it. I am trying to do a gajillion things at once, my dissertation is my new enemy and I still am unsure of what to do with next year.

To add crap to the crap heap I'm not keeping up with these blogs and I keep thinking maybe I should do a themed one at least once a week with either baking or cooking or just stuff I like on the internet. Who knows. At the moment baking is most appealing. Yep. I think I might do that. Its these kind of on the spot developments that keep you all coming back. I know it.

I'm still at university, term ended 2 weeks ago and I'm in my little house trying to drum up motivation. Today has been relatively good, I managed to get a good 500 words written. I find a direct correlation between Heather Small and 'Proud' and my productivity. Inspired by Miranda:

I also have another highly serious problem. I've become a serial napper. Everyday I find myself drifting off, I don't even have to be tired, it just happens. I like to think its because of some very rare disease which makes napping compulsory for me. However I think it is just plain laziness. Worst nap of the week award goes to yesterday when I napped from 5 until half 8. YEP. It was only supposed to be 20mins but it all got way out of hand when I convinced myself I had woken up after 20mins and was only dozing before getting up. Then BOOM its 2 hours later. 
Another brilliant original drawing by me. This one I call "Becca Napping"
I think it is because I can't sleep for ages because The Fear is keeping me awake. It only ever strikes at night when everything seems 100 times worse and I manage to convince myself I will never get anything done, I will definitely fail and become some kind of bum for ever and ever. The weirdest part is that most mornings I wake up in a positive mood, sometimes even contemplating Davina Fit. Never quite get round to that though...

Anyway more blogs to come as boredom inevitably comes.
Much love xxxxxx

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