Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I hated all the hype, I hated all the tat that was for sale everywhere I looked, I hated the shop displays all wishing them well. I was a royal wedding scrooge. 
I got completely and utterly sucked in. I know the exact moment it happened. It was when  Kate got out of the car with her dad and it hit me that she was from a regular family and this was a real princess fairytale.

Her dress was stunning, at first I thought it was a bit plain but she looked so beautiful with her hair and make up and that tiara! Her sister look amazing also in a McQueen dress, and the amount of facebook groups about her are testament to this! 

The vows and the kiss on the balcony was so romantic that I have been feeling romantic/soppy all day.

I was not so sure about SamCam's outfit, a bit plain jane for me, and Princess  Bea's hat was a little bit hard to swallow, but each to their own!

 Easily the best video to come out of the royal wedding:



  1. I agree with all of this! I was determined not watch any of the wedding but my boyfriend put it on and suddenly I was sucked in by all the outfits! I thought Kate looked beatiful and I loved it when they were on the balcony and they kissed twice. So sweet! For someone who hated the hype around it I very much enjoyed watching it! I thought David and Victoria Beckham looked lovely too! xxx

  2. I got sucked in at the last minute to haha. I loved Kates dress! Especially the sheer material ahh.

    That video is hilarious! Thanks for sharing

    xx Carina

  3. You have a stunning blog here, I am a new follower. xx Keep this up, love. I intend to read more!

  4. Hi, just wanted to let you know I've done a link to your blog in my latest post here in regards to you telling me some places to go in the Midlands. Just thought I'd let you know! xx


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