Thursday, 14 April 2011

Top Ten Thursday #2

 This week has been pretty good for me, a good mix of work and play. My motivation for my dissertation is somewhat lacking at the moment, but only one last push and then it will be all over. One day I will look back on this time with happy nostalgia. One day...

1. Drinks in Spoons. Tequila?
2. Glittery nails are so pretty! Inspired by Vodka in Teacups and her lovely silver nails

3. Stuffing my face with birthday biscuits. Yum!
4. My nan's birthday brought a well needed work break and a tidy £3.80 winnings
5. Bad dissertation mood cured by housemate melting his ready meal
6. My hair is so nice and long now! Ignore messy wardrobe/creepy smile

7. Green Wing has come back into my life. Love it. Love Sue. Love Martin.
8. Went to see Limitless. Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper = cool

9.Top tune: P.Y.T. as done by glee. I've become obsessed with Glee. Cringe

10. Top Blogs:
I'd like cheese on my entire family
Away with the fairies

Becca xx

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