Thursday, 21 April 2011

Top Ten Thursday #3

Wowee I can't believe how quickly April has gone, but the good news is it is Easter weekend soon and that means I can stuff my face with chocolate! I'm going back to uni on Monday so am going to have to eat it all because there is no way it will fit in my suitcase... 

Next Sunday is my birthday and I have almost completely forgotten about it! There is so much uni work to do before then so it is officially postponed until the 5th of May, the day after the dissy due in!

1. Poorly taken ice cream photo, it is a lemonade lolly, a screwball and a '99
2. Early birthday present - a gorgeous mirror for my handbag
3. My chickens, especially when they are sunbathing in the garden
4. Fresh eggs = amazing poached eggs (this one made by mum, mine was not as aesthetically pleasing)
5.Sunshine = BBQ

6. This sunny weather has made our garden look lovely and summery

7. So much love for Gregg and Masterchef at the moment. I hope Tom wins sooo bad
8. Scampi, chips, peas and hollandaise sauce with Charlotte and Myles. I forgot to take a picture but this drawing is pretty accurate.

9.  Top Tune: You Make My Dreams (mainly for the dance in 500 Days of Summer)

10.  Top Blogs:


  1. Oh wow you have chickens! I'd love to have my own chickens in the garden.... is that poached egg one of theirs? xx

  2. Yea it is, they come out so much better because they are fresh. Chickens are so easy to look after, I would fully recommend them (except for the poop!) xx

  3. Nice photos, nothing beats a '99 ! I haven't really watched much of this year's Masterchef, I usually love it but not keen on the format, still love Greg though, stuffing his face as much as poss! good luck with all the uni work, not long now :) xx

  4. Love that vid from 500 days of summer - that's one of my favourite films! :) Also I'm loving the sunny weather too, it's been great for the beach and BBQ's! :) Lovely post xx

    please check out my blog @

  5. Hahaha love the photo of Gregg! GO TOM!!!

  6. Goodluck with all your Uni work:) Aw, thats gorgeous that you have chickens hehe. Lovely photos, those icecreams look delicious, Mr Whippy was driving around my area just this afternoon but I always miss him unfortunately.

    Thanks for the comment and follow. I wish you a wonderful Easter

    xx Carina


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