Thursday, 28 April 2011

Top Ten Thursday #4

A bit of a fatty blog today, it seems a lot of my photos are to do with food. Yesterday was probably a low point. I had dinner (chicken breast wrapped in bacon from M&S, can you tell the student loan is in?!) and then I  decided to get in on a Chinese order and get some prawn crackers, which I did share with Lee and then I ate a whole Easter egg. Yep. I feel sick just thinking about it.

Literally nothing has happened in my life. NOTHING. I did the train back to uni on a bank holiday, probably not a wise decision. I also handed in a sociology essay early (never done that before), which caused me more panic because I had a day to think about all that could possibly be wrong with it.

1. Prawn crackers. I love them soooo much even looking at them I want some
2. The aforementioned scampi and chips.

3. Yummy yummy Easter eggs, I only have the mini egg one left now...

4. Mid-afternoon gin and orange with an Easter bunny, courtesy of mum!

5. Extortionate cup of tea which calmed me down during bank holiday travelling.

6. Bargains from Boots I got yesterday.

7. I love lipstick recently. I'm not very adventurous with colour it would seem...

[Source] 8. I watched Easy A with my mum and absolutely loved it.

9. Top Tunes: This song is featured in an especially funny part of Easy A, 
I have listened to it 6 times this morning.

10. Top Blogs:


  1. Oh yum so much food hehe. I'm trying to be good and not eat all my chocolates, but they're just so tempting...

    xx Carina

  2. Oh god my stomach is rumbling, prawn crackers are so wrong but so right, I love how they crackle when you bite into them! And thanks for the mention :) xxx


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