Thursday, 7 April 2011

Top Ten Thursday

I'm thinking that every Thursday I will share with you what has made my week super great, why wouldn't you want to see that?!

This week I've been completely sucked into the world of blogging, I can't stop looking at other people's beautiful blogs and admiring their pictures and words. For the ones I like best I've made a side bar so you can pop along and have a little look too.

Anyway here is my top 10:

1.Talking to my dad on skype (ignore my fluffy dressing gown/facial expressions)
My dad loves his laptop and would not stop showing me his special effects he has on his webcam. I talked to many more strange creatures than this, but I thought these were the best. At one point he made the cat fall asleep and then had the cheek to tell me my stories were boring him! 

2.Cough Medicine
I've had a horrible cough, one of those ones that gets you up in the night and takes you by surprise. I have been taking this medicine like there is no tomorrow. Mum's recommendation

3. Spot Stick
Yep, this gets even more glamorous. I've been struck by teenage spots, probably because of my high intake of chocolate and caffeine, and my low intake of fruit. This stuff is a lifesaver and a pretty good price.

4.The Sun!
Although as I'm looking out my window there is only grey cloud (the only place in the country apparently) yesterday was lovely and I even got my whiter than white legs out to play catch in the road. This is an action shot of me in the sun. I really hope I don't look like this when I walk, also please ignore the squinty eye thing I have going on.

5. Top Tune - Coming Home
I know it is pretty old but I just can't stop listening to it

6. Oversized Mug
I actually bought this for my housemate for secret santa, but desperate dissertation times call for desperate measures (as you can tell from my page being open on facebook). I did actually feel pretty awful after that much caffeine, but soooo worth it.

7. Subway 
I loveee subway and it had been far too long since I had one. This photo makes it look pretty rank, but you can't beat turkey and ham. Well you can, with much much nicer high quality food, but it does its job. Thanks to Lee for buying it for me! 

8. First Pimms of the Year
Enough said. Although I am missing the fruit. And it does look like beer.

9. My Hair
I'm in a good place with my hair right now, it is a nice length, my fringe is a bit too long but what can you do? It curls nicely for when it is sunny and straightens peerrrrfect. I would take a picture but the aforementioned spot crisis is preventing that. 

10. Lovely blogs 
Here are two of my favourites this week


  1. Thanks for featuring me on your sidebar! I don't update nearly as often as I should, but my goal is also to write one blog post a week, if not more often.

    Hope your cough goes away soon!

  2. Thankyou so much for favouriting me!
    How lush has the sun been this week?! Definitely Pimms o'clock!


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