Friday, 20 May 2011

Fantastic Five Friday?!

Right, once again I've failed to do a top ten thursday. This is because I've pretty much done nothing. SURPRISE. Well I'm supposed to be revising but I can't face it. I just wrote one sentence and decided my time would be more wisely spent on a blog. 

I only have 3 exams and after a lifetime of exams and coursework I just can't face it anymore. I have run out of academic steam. A low point for me was using wikipedia in a practice exam on my Blackberry... I have got The Fear once or twice this week, mainly thanks to Gerry's lecture on how I should be more scared by exams. I am but at the same time I just don't care. I just don't. I know its bad to say. I'm at a top university spending all this money on my education but after literally 10000 years of doing revision/work/essay reading/homework I just want to stop. I am very impressed by those wanting to do a masters, I'm nowhere near dedicated enough for that. 

Anyway enough ranting, I'm beginning to feel sorry for myself and starting to justify another work break. I didn't even get up until quarter to 11 today. Ridiculous.

Eurovision was obv a highlight of my week. As was the wine I drank and the crisps I ate. Delicious. I was so proud when we were top of the table early on! Pretty impressed with Jedward though!
I bought these and I am attempting to get healthy. I have been for a run 3 times this week and each time has been equally awful. Not helped by the fact my jogging bottoms keep slipping down because I only ever use them for slouching around in. No one wants to see that at 8am.

Very much linked to last week is the good news that Brian Butterfield tweeted Lee during this weeks Apprentice. I am so proud! Don't want to steal the thunder but I def told him what to tweet...

My revision is finally taking shape! Slowly but surely is the way. Its probably more accurate to call it learning...
I got two good luck cards this week and this beauty is from Chantal all the way from Paris! It has inspired me but also made me miss her. Boohoo.

 That is pretty much it I guess. My healthy eating is going well. I had half a banana before my run today, they are literally huge. AND I'm eating apples of my own accord. I also seem to have got really into Pointless and a 'Pointless break' has become essential in my revision, usually accompanied by Lee and some Ryvita. Healthy and educational. It is literally one of the worst programmes on TV but procrastination can take many forms. I'm hoping they do another series because I'm fully entering us, we always get pretty far. I'm missing it today so I can do revision, but I'm writing this... It is ok though, its on iplayer.


  1. I've got an exam next week and I've literally done no revision for it! I've been enjoying the free time since my last exam. Hope yours go well xx

  2. Well done on buying trainers and attempting to get healthy! You should definitely invest in some workout clothes - there's nothing worse than being uncomfortable/pulling bits up or down while you're working out. Leggings and t-shirts are perfect for running!



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