Thursday, 5 May 2011

I'm Free!

I can't be dealing with a Top Ten Thursday today because I haven't got enough pictures and I spent the weekend and this week driving myself slowly insane with my dissertation. 
I don't think I have ever come so close to full on mental breakdown as I have with my dissertation and long essay. I spent way too many late nights stressing and at one point I got teary because the flowers in our university garden (I say garden, I mean slab of concrete) reminded me of home... 

Anyway it is all handed in YAY! Today is my first day of freedom and I'm freaking loving it. I do keep getting that feeling that I am forgetting to do something but then comes the sweet moment when I remember I have no essays to write.

I did get pretty sentimental about handing in my last ever essays, I mean I've been doing them for the majority of my academic life and seeing my room book free is kinda freaking me out... 

Anyway I have some photos of this week, not many and they aren't interesting at all. I don't have any of dissy hand in because I went to campus unshowered which was probably the worst thing about the whole ordeal, I had to put my hair up (rare) and pin my fringe back. I looked an absolute state. 

One of my birthday meals - Freaking delicious
Me outside the restaurant Lee took me too. Apologies for the camera strap in the photo. Its like freaking amateur hour
Intense drinking after essay hand in. My head feels like its about to explode

 Anyway I'm going back to watching Glee in bed. 

I really should get up and get food because we don't have anything for dinner, I guess there is always the Chinese take away?



  1. I hear you with the Chinese take away :P I'm feeling the same way right now

  2. Yay well done for hand in!! I remember the horrible stressy times only too well.. thanks for the comment, I did have a nice time in Spain though it did rain a lot.. xx

  3. Congratulations on the hand in! Good to have it all lifted off your shoulders, I love that feeling!

    I hope you get your promised trip to France one day :)

    xx Carina

  4. That feeling of handing it in must be absolutely good. I'm halfway... okay, quarter way through my thesis dissertation and I remember submitting my proposal in. It felt like heaven, really! But well, reality strikes and I'm to continue with the final paper. Can't wait till the day I hand it in! The proposal was already causing me close to a mental breakdown, hopefully the full paper doesn't. :\

    Have a lovely holiday! x

  5. looks like fun! what type of food is that?


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