Monday, 2 May 2011

It was my birthday YAY!

It was my birthday last week, I had a great time despite the amount of work I have to do. The fact that I fully deserve to be spoiled on my birthday totally outweighs doing any work. 
I love the feeling of birthdays and this one has been extra good, I have managed to have 3 birthday meals out and have steak night thing coming up after dissertation hand in. This has also meant lots of wine being drunk and an all round fab time, especially when my friend Chantal came over from Paris and we enjoyed an afternoon sat outside Le Bistrot Pierre. I have some lovely food pictures (surprise!) but they can go in another blog, this one already has lots of photos in.

Presents from my housemates, will def be a blog post containing a giant cupcake

 I woke up nice and early and had some lovely texts on my phone and then demanded Lee make me a cup of tea. What is the point of a birthday if you don't have tea in bed whilst opening cards?!  Then I faffed around for ages doing nothing, then when I went downstairs my housemates had baked and iced me a looovely cake which I scoffed down like a regular fatty then I opened my presents and it was gloooorrious! 

Massive garlic bread

Lee's bruschetta

My salmon and dill pasta

Lee's meaty man pizza
Lee then treated me to a delicious Italian meal which I wolfed down. It was so nice to go to a place which wasn't a chain restaurant and the staff were so attentive and friendly I fricking loved it. There was like paintings on the wall and the ceiling and fake food displays it was pretty intense.

A group of three sat down next to us, I think it was dad, mum and daughter and he kept looking at us, maybe because I had a sore neck and kept turning my head in a creepy exorcist way... But then I smiled at him and he didn't smile back! He just looked away! Is that against restaurant etiquette?! If you are dining does your table become your own island and no outside interaction is allowed? I was shocked, but then he was one of those men who checked if the plates were hot, was critical of everything and beckoned the waiter by a little mini-wave thing. I hate that.
ANYWAY I got over that ordeal and luckily it didn't taint my dinner phew!

A painting on the wall and flowers and fairy lights on the ceiling

I then spent the rest of the day watching Glee and attempting to do some work. It did not go well, it did not go well at all. 

Why are all my blogs concerned with food? Must be dissertation stress.


  1. Sounds like you had a chilled out birthday, just as they should be eh?.

    What's with the guy in the restaurant is a smile too much to ask for?? x

  2. Happy Birthday for last week! lol. Looks like you had a really nice day xxx


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