Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Life lesson - Procrastination

Now, the majority of my blog posts involve at least a sentence concerning procrastination and yet I have not done a blog in which I can pass on my brilliant skills. They have been honed and perfected over 3 years to become rather outstanding, if there was 'Procrastinator of the Year' award (kinda like Father of the Year, but better) then I would win hands down. I'm a mess. 

1. Equipment:
In order to procrastinate well there is no specific equipment needed, it can involve your laptop or it can be offline procrastination, one of my favourite ways to procrastinate is to paint my nails or re apply my make up. Just use whatever you can grab in front of you, even if its just throwing a stapler up and down (probably dangerous, maybe choose an eraser or something instead)

2. Mind-Set:
The best mind set to be in in order to reach your procrastination potential is this "Oh my God I have a deadline/exam/meeting in the next couple of days, I really, really, really need to crack on and do something" this way you have a kind of fear in you which can be dispelled by procrastinating, making a cup of tea to calm yourself down, or just having some time browsing your favourite online store for rewards are all top class procrastination methods.

3. My Top 3 Procrastination Methods: 

1. Painting my nails. For me this is the best way to procrastinate, obv if you are a boy, not so much. But it is not only the painting of the nails which takes up time, it is the removing of old nail varnish, the re application of a new one and then the beautiful moment where you can't do anything but sit and watch something because your nails are drying. This can take anywhere between 5 and 15 mins I find, dependant upon how paranoid you are about knocking them. Here's one I made earlier:


2. Making a cup of tea. This has the same kind of merits as nail painting - you have to wash up your cup, wait for the tea to boil, make it and then wait for it to cool down before you can properly enjoy it. At the moment Gerry is supposed to be making me tea, but he has gone home so I have increased my procrastination levels. 

3. Get drunk. What else needs to be said? This is only for the extreme of you out there, professionals like myself. Do work in the day and then get drunk at night, beware this often writes off the whole next day, but when you are in such a state as I am, you really don't mind too much. I think all this work has made me borderline alcoholic...

Cheeky white wine spritzer

 Well there you have it. I've shared my secrets. Now go, go procrastinate like never before and be proud of it, its a life skill you will  never lose!
Oh and I also got a haircut, that was probably my worst procrastination because I don't know if I like it, I was also horribly hungover as I went out the night before (double whammy for procrastination)

I'm scared I look waaaaay younger


  1. Ehehe! This made me laugh! Gosh the stuff you said is so much like what I do when I'm procrastinating:)

    xx Carina

  2. hahaha this is mint made me laugh, and was my way to procrastinate for five mins! good luck finishing up though, can't wait til it's all over!!! xxxxx

  3. Ha ha this was such a fun post to read :)Don't worry about the haircut - it looks perfect.xo

  4. Thanks for the comments girls! It was fun to write because it is all so true xxx

  5. This was an enjoyable read, you really have got them sills down to a T. Your hair looks lovely, so no need to worry about that. xxx


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