Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I'm having a blogging breakdown. 

I guess I'm over thinking things but I see all these wonderful blogs updating about fashion and make up and almost everyday they have something to post and I freaking lap them up. I love seeing make up on people before I buy it and the blogging world has some amazing fashion.

What the devil is my little blog?! It seems to be a combination of photos, rambles, baking and paint drawings. I rarely update it because it takes me so long to think of something to write! If only I had like a challenge, a kind of outfit of the day thing, obv not outfits as I really don't have very nice clothes/very many items of different clothing. Or maybe I should be more opinionated about matters. I just don't know!

Any feedback would be much appreciated, perhaps things you like about my blog, what you want to see more of or just anything!! 

Just for good measure here are some macaroons I made ages ago

Please help! 


  1. I feel the same. I hate taking photos of myself so outfit and face posts are difficult! I always think that it would be so much easier to post every day if I did daily outfits or whatever and my blog would probably be a lot more popular! I struggle most of the time to be honest...

    I adore your blog though! A lot of people tend to post about the same things, the same make up, the same PR emails but yours is really personal and I love that! I like to read about the person behind the blog. :) x x

  2. Awww thank you so much for your feedback, I think I just worry too much. You always have some really nice pics and wish lists which I love. As well as updates on your life. I do want to keep the personal aspect so thank you for saying that! xxxx

  3. I know exactly what you mean!! But I honestly love your blog! Besides, I think a blog IS supposed to be a collection of a person's favorite things!!

    Keep up the good work because honestly it's fantastic!!



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