Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Top Ten Thursday #5

Well I was a bit dubious that I would have anything to fill this blog, but luckily I've scraped the barrel and found some stuff. It seems the less work I have on the less time I spend doing anything exciting.

I should of course be doing revision, but I feel like I deserve at least 3 weeks off after doing my dissertation and long essay. 5 days just wasn't enough, and not nearly enough was drunk. 

I am attempting to eat healthily in the run up to exams and so far it is going well. It is particularly hard for me to eat fruit as I have a rare disease (I am the only person I've heard of who suffers with it) which means I just can't eat it due to texture, taste and general being. Banana's are the worst, they're sometimes slimy, sometimes hard, sometimes bruised, sometimes nice, sometimes gross. I just can't handle such food. I have eaten two bananas this week and got praise from my mum and sister. Rachel just told me to man up. Clearly need to raise awareness for my disease...

1. Brian Butterfield's tweets made the apprentice 100% funnier

2. Beautiful bracelet from Lorna as a birthday present
3. Despite being little blocks of Dairy Milk I got sucked in by their newness and were a perfect accompaniment to beer pong
4. Intense drinking celebrations after dissy hand in
5. Rediscovered my happy seal picture. Love him. He is actually yawning but he just looks so happy!
6. This is my dissertation being released into the academic world...
7. [Source] I love beer pong and had a great friday night. I forgot to take pics though

8. [Source] Lack of work to do has meant Lee and I have spent hours on mario. I'm not so good at it, I'm on my 18th continue, each continue gives you 5 new lives out of pity.

9. Top Tune: I know it is Glee but it is basically Gwyneth Paltrow singing all the way through.

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  1. Awww take it easy on yourself hun.
    Revision is so hard, tiring and mind-numbingly boring you do need to have some rest time as well.

    Loving the BLOG hun x

  2. You definitely deserve some time off after the diss hand in! That drinking game looks intense though ;) I must go follow that guy, the apprentice people are ridiculous this year! xx

  3. Try making smoothies out of the fruit. That's what I do. Much better than forcing the fruit down! Lol. Your bracelets lovely too xx

  4. Hi Becca, good luck with the revision, this beer pong sounds interesting! Happy belated Birthday too! :) Sarah x

  5. Good luck with your revision and everything! (: x


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