Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Welcome to my world

The other week Jed said to me that he was a bit peeved because in my blog I only ever mention him as "housemate" and that I should do a special blog in which I introduce them with a little picture.

Due to my special talents in paint I obviously turned to the paintbrush tool to really capture the faces and personalities of my housemates. I will include an enlightening description.

I am thinking of doing commissions if anyone is interested? Leave me a comment. 

This is Gerry. I also call him Jed, Jerome, Jedward to name a few. He likes books, and the one here is a penguin classic, which I think I have captured quite well. To annoy Gerry it is best to mess up his bookshelf and make all the books stick out or ruin the order.

This is Rachel, she likes masks and stuff like that. She studies theatre studies and has exams about monopoly which make me jealous and livid I do a real subject. She has fiery ginger hair but I like it.

This is Paul, technically he lives next door but is round here bloody enough. He likes sambuca when no one else can stand it. He also has guitar hero which I enjoy playing especially when I sing and others play the drums and guitar.

This is Rob, he likes apple products. This is probably the worst  drawing of the lot as he looks like a creepy killer. In reality he is much better looking. I think it is the eyebrows. For fun Rob argues against me and winds me up.

This is sooth. He is from South Africa and pronounces south as sooth, hence his name. I struggle for something he likes but he definitely likes meat and the picture is a steak. He informs me he also likes fifa...
Last but not least is my boyfriend Lee. He looks much hotter in real life. This does not do justice. He likes baseball and quite a lot of things that are American. He also likes a lot of sports and plays catch outside quite a lot.
Like I say, I'm pretty good at this. I hope this has been informative. It took me 4-5 hours.

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  1. I've been enlightened! Think you've really got a gift for Paint :p I like the apple logo in particular! xx


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