Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Fear

Yo yo yo!

I'm sorry for my absence, I really have nothing to write about. Even now I'm listening to Circle of Life for some inspiration, although I Just Can't Wait to be King is my favourite song from Lion King. WHO EVEN CARES?! Probably not you. Anyway I just thought I would do a cheeky post about my life.

As I've already lamented, not much has happened with me. I finished exams and went through a period of drinking and came out scarred and exhausted the other end. I had even started stocking paracetamol on the bedside table, it was embarrassing. Now though I have little else to do but play LA Noire or watch tv, its mind numbing.

Today I did achieve something, I bought my grad ball dress. I know this doesn't sound exciting but I am the biggest pain when shopping, especially dresses. I won't settle unless I put one on and it feels perfect and I normally stick to a safe black and I like to show a bit of boob and leg (borderline breaking the rules of dresses) and on monday I'm going shopping for accessories. When I mentioned this to Lee he just looked blankly at me and I had to explain why I needed all new and matching accessories, DUUUUH so I can look super glam...

My results come out soon I think, by soon I mean like less than 2 weeks. I hope I did ok, its getting to that stage where I get panicky when I go to sleep because I just feel like I did no work and my exams all went ok. Either that happened or I am seriously deluded and probably have failed. After 10000 years in education it is so hard to motivate yourself and I took it upon myself to take a stand against it, a not very wise stand which ultimately led to a lot of fear the night before.

Oh well at least I can tick dress shopping off my list of fears! My other one is my spot situation, if you see me try not to stare at my chin. I just don't know how to get rid of them. ARGHTH.

Here are some photos, to break it up, well not really. I should probs start taking more seeing as I finish uni forever in 2 weeks...


Cocktail glasses with pink glittery sugar on the rims

Maybe the cake and alcohol explain the spots...


  1. That cupcake looks amazing! Jeaaalous! xxx

  2. Hehe I love a bit of Lion King too, cheers me up no end. I suppose the period of drinking loads is normal... it's so hard to know with exams, I kept thinking either I've done or terrible as well! :/ xx

  3. wow that giant cupcake...yum!!! xxx

  4. Lion King<3 which reminds me I should watch it again sometime. I have had a few sleepless nights thinking of the worst possible outcomes...failing or what not, but I always try to tell myself nothing more can be done. The cupcake looks so delicious!

    xx Carina

  5. Glad there is so much love for the Lion King and for the giant cupcake, it was demolished very quickly! I'm glad both Carina and Rachel get my exam fear, it is so hard to tell! xxx

  6. love these fun photos! x

    p.s. I'm having a $50 material attention giveaway if you'd like to check it out! x

  7. That Cupcakes Looks So Delicious... Seems Like It Would Take A Long Time :D


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