Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm back!

Hello my lovely jubblies! 

I've not done a blog for a while and I've not been stalking yours because I turned my laptop off after exams as I was sick of the sight of it, but I've now overcome that and got it started again (mainly because I woke up early and now have nothing to do except watch Green Wing or something). A blog will shortly follow, it will no doubt be entertaining and hilarious.

As for this past week, I've done quite a lot, I finished all my uni exams so am now just doing nothing, and dare I say it, it has got a bit boring! I keep just lying on my bed or colouring in pictures from the internet, wild...
Mad Skills

My mum came down to see me, now for many this would strike fear into their hearts but not for me. Admittedly we did spend ages trying to find a  grad ball dress but I'm so picky and fussy we didn't get one (anyone have any website/shop suggestions?!) and then I took her out with my housemates for her first tequila, at her request. I have never seen anyone so excited over a drink, first she charmed all the barmen by saying she had never had one and then she bought 4 of us a round of them. When it came to drinking it, she sipped it first and exclaimed her approval, then did the shot and lamented about how the lemon was the worst part (?!) and I caught her sipping the shot glass after to get every little last drop out! Furthermore when she was empty handed she demanded I go and get drinks because she didn't want to be in the pub without a drink on the table. It was so funny, and as she pointed out, she can probably drink us under the table. Makes me homesick though, but as soon as I get home I get irritated by the smallest things she does, but I think that is a mum thing...

N'aaaaw they decorated my room!
I will blog more once I have a good tale to tell. At the moment I'm just drinking wine, sometimes alone, and chilling. I have watched Mission Impossible 1 and 2 though so something has been achieved.

Much love


  1. I love the way you write, makes me smile :P I totally get the mum thing, I get on so well with mine when we don't live under the same roof.. but when we do, it can be very hard! I've started drinking Pimms on my own, with just my cat for company.. xx

  2. Haha I love the sound of your mum! I also seem to have got into the habit of colouring in, good to see my art gcse didn't completely go to waste :P

  3. Bless ya Mum! Love for the mothe/daughter bonding ha!
    Oooooh Mission Impossible 1 and 2 now you must watch Mission Impossible 3


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