Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Job Hunting

With university over I am feeling aimless. Like the last marshmallow on top of my hot chocolate, just floating around waiting for something to happen.
My whole educational life was leading to university, I needed good GCSEs to get started, I needed good A Levels to get into Warwick and by the end of it I just expected to walk into a job, what a mistakea to makea. I've got my little job down the cafe on the beach which I love, who wouldn't want to have a job on a beach where I can look out at the sea and eat my lunch on the beach, alas it is only a summer job.

Today was my day off and I've spent it sat at my laptop looking for jobs but it is too depressing. I don't have a blaaady clue what I'm looking for and nor do I have any idea what I want to do in the long run. I'm super envious of those like Lorna who know they want to be a teacher. Anyway I've been thinking of careers I would be super brilliant at:

1. Baker
I like to bake and I watched It's Complicated the other day and Meryl makes being a baker look super easy. I would love to spend all day smelling pastry and kneading bread, imagine all the left overs I could eat as well! 

I am so good at art, my paint pictures are the stuff of envy amongst you all, I can tell. I drew this one to illustrate why artist is such a good career choice: 

3. Property Developer
God knows I've watched enough episodes of Location, Location, Location and Homes Under the Hammer and Grand Designs oh and Property Ladder to know pretty much all there is to know about property development. It also means I can hire a team of builders to do most of the work. Finance isn't my strong point but surely its about the love of the job?

Source. My hero, just look at her boobs. Brains and body

4. Researcher
I've got a degree, I've spent 3 years researching all sorts of things and for procrastination I spent millions of hours of wikipedia learning about anything I could, as long as it wasn't relevant so I've got a lot of experience! I'm not sure if this is a real job, but I can dream??

So there we are. Anyone want to employ me?!


  1. Sarah is my hero too. I'd love to be a property developer. Just need the money in the first place though. I'm sure you will find something great, good luck!!

  2. Believe me I'm nearly as clueless as you and I graduated a couple of years back now :p it's bloody hard, everything is so competitive out there! Property designer or developer would be cool though.. xx

  3. I am fully relating to this! Woe is life! :(



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