Wednesday, 6 July 2011

They think it's all over... it is now

This weekend saw me move out of university forever.

Three years has gone so blaaady fast, I can't believe it was 3 years ago when my mum, dad and sister drove me up to university, the car jam packed with my junk and my realisation that I was going to have to cook for myself for the next 10 weeks and that I would have to book my own haircuts and other grown up stuff. Even thinking about it makes me sad!

My room on my first ever day
I was ready to leave by the end though, spending like 17 years in education is a bit too much and I'm sick of being a poor student just waiting for my next student loan to come in and then just as quickly leave again! Also my house always seems to be clean and the oven isn't greasy, I couldn't believe that I could watch my biscuits bake through the oven door yesterday.

Being home is good, home cooked meals, my chickens, my own bed and living by the beach is amazing. My dad is going to go running with me as well so that I can look super good in my graduation photos in a couple of weeks. I think he is fitter than me though so it is going to be embarrassing as I limp behind him...

Me and my housemates. B.e.a.u.tiful
The term did end on a high with the Grad Ball which was lovely although there was no wine on the table despite the tickets being £70 aaaand the cheapest bottle was £17, I couldn't believe it. It was nice to see everyone dressed up and all in one place and the dinner was pretty nice, I took some standard food photos so will throw one in for good measure

I had buffalo mozzarella for the first time ever. Rubbery
I keep having horrible flashbacks and moments of realisations, the worst one came when I realised it will be a long time until I next play beer pong! Livid.  Oh and my village doesn't have an Iceland so I can't get anymore cheap biscuits or chocolate. Co op charges like 85p for a can of coke and 77p for a dairylea dunker, I'm still outraged and I discovered this a couple of days ago...
I guess I need to get over it. Maybe I like wallowing in self pity OK?! No I really will get over it, and I'm seeing everyone at Rachel's 21st anyway. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO GO INTO REAL LIFE NOW. Cue mum nagging at me to sort my life out.

 I will write more this week, as I'm alone in the house and need to stop myself sending needy texts/bbms/calling people. No one wants to see that.


  1. I remember that feeling very well, it's so weird coming home to real life after all those years of uni. Being in a clean house was probably my biggest sigh of relief! xx

  2. I remember that feeling too! Real life isn't too bad...although personally I love learning new stuff and going to lectures etc so I guess uni is a little bit better...haha! Congrats on finishing your degree!x


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