Monday, 8 August 2011

Charlotte Says #1

 Charlotte is ready to pass on her first (of many) pearls of wisdom. The beginning of an epic saga; top tips from the oracle.
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As hinted at above, her first pearl is to do with the removal of body hair. A lesson which is applicable to the whole nation and both sexes. She is starting off with great promise.

Charlotte says: 'If time is just not on your side and you need to remove those prickly pit hairs quick sharp, there's no need to hop in the shower or risk dry shaving, just grab your body lotion, butter or moisturiser slap it on and shave away - a perfect alternative to soap or foam and there is no need for after care!'

Girls - this can be used on your legs and pits, it is tried and tested by Charlotte

Boys - use it on your monobrow or those patches you missed shaving


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