Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Charlotte says #2

Yes, it does say 'darlink'                  
This week Charlotte and I have mainly been discussing accessories. This is because 1. it has been quiet down the cafe and we have done online shopping and 2. I'm off to Gerry's 21st early September and got a new outfit.

Anyway she has come up with her 3 golden rules for accessorising. Believe me, she does not let you deviate from these. I've been close to tears several times after my suggestions got brutally shot down.

Charlotte says:
1. The golden rule (in her opinion) is to never have a necklace on when wearing a halterneck.

2. Less is more, don't go for the Phoebe Buffay look and keep rings to one per hand 

3.  Choose combinations; don't go all out with big earrings, big bracelets, big necklaces and big rings

To finish here are 2 pictures of Charlotte's favourite pieces from Topshop:

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