Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Long distance can be good

 I like to pretend I'm in a long distance relationship, it sounds more dramatic that way. In fact Lee only lives a couple of hours away on the train... Anyway instead of moaning about how much I miss him, blah blah I've decided instead to be hilarious and list reasons why I'm glad we are far far away from each other.

1. I get my own bed.
As much as I like a kiss and a cuddle before bed there is nothing like coming home and stretching out. I do only have a single at home but that doesn't stop me, it's memory foamy so pretty comfy. I can't stand it when you can't sleep because your beloved is mouth breathing all over your face, or you wake up to find him asleep on top of your own face (true story).

2. I'm less late
I used to be on time, I used to hate being late, but look at me now swanning up to places 10 minutes late, missing buses, constantly late for my seminars and always in a rush. I fully blame Lee for this, somehow his late body clock has infiltrated mine and slowed it all down. I never get up on time, or if I do I just sit talking to him. I just run 10 mins late all the time. At least at home I have no one else to blame it on, I can kinda be late without stressing about Lee being late, it is one less person to worry about. I've probably managed to cut it down  to being a mere 7 mins late

3. I don't always have to look gorgeous
It comes naturally to some, but not me. I wake up and my eyes seem to be half their normal size, my skin is all blotchy and my hair - well don't even go there. At least when your boyfriend isn't around you can chuck on whatever, wear your biggest pants and embrace it. No more worrying about what he thinks of you (yep still get it despite being together over 2 years) and no more endless touch ups and sometimes, only sometimes I don't shave my legs every day.

4. No more red chin
My skin is dry and sensitive as it is, especially on my face. Lee likes to grow his beard stubble just to the length where it hurts when we kiss. Its a blaaady nightmare and my chin goes all red, not cool. It was waaaay worse when we were first together. The holidays mean that I get a little break from every day chin exfoliation and it can recover, until next time (dum dum daaaaaa)

5.  Eating 
Being in a couple and living together like we did was a bit annoying on the food front. Lee likes curry, I don't. Lee loves bread, I don't. But more importantly I was deprived of such delicious foods as couscous, salmon and scampi for weeks at a time. On reflection Lee has it worse, I'm allergic to nuts so an absolute nightmare to take for dinner - too scared of Thai or Chinese and always have to awkwardly ask waiters about nuts. I have come back from a week at home to find a empty pack of peanuts on my desk...

This has thoroughly cheered me up and I hope it has for you too, especially those of you who know the downsides of long distance. 

For now, ta ta! 


  1. This was wonderfully fun to read. Although in my long distance the only plus side was I had my whole wardrobe and not just a suit case in France. And maybe the holidays I had there regularly.
    About the not always looking gorgeous' deal its only since January where we've been living together did I think 'fuck this stuff' and sometimes I don't shave my legs for a week. NICE!

  2. Hahaha, well France sounds laaavely! And I'm sure Brighton is too, hairy legs out or not! xxxx

  3. Haha this is ace! My boyfriend is also only two hours away on the train but I class that as long distance!!! The eating thing is the most annoying or me, we like NOTHING the same! Lukey is all about the fried food (nice one in a while, but not every day!) xxxxx

  4. haha, can totally relate! I was in a LDR for three years (3 1/2 hours away). Although now that the bf&I are living together, I can say that I'm actually the opposite with 3- I'm much more low maintainance living with him. (I think it's due to the 'not taking ages to get ready' thing boys seem to have mastered! lol).

  5. @ Maria I did get that when I lived with all my male housemates. I'm glad you can relate :) and even more glad that you are now living together a nice happy ending! xxxxx


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