Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well most of my posts recently have been a tad on the depressing side, so I thought I would do a nice post filled with photos for a bit of a change. 

I've been on a bit of a baking overload, but why the devil not?! Baking is sooooo calming and super fast now mum has got a fancy bit of Kenwood kit which mixes it all together. Here are some of my delicious treats: 

Galaxy caramel muffins YUM
I've been missing Lee quite a lot, like the cringer clinger I am but I fully blame this on the fact that when he came here he knew about a pretty sweet crazy golf course of which I had no idea (embarrassing, especially as I dragged him the wrong way for a long time, ignoring all his advice/warnings that we were going the wrong way...) ANYWAY I had a milkshake and an ice cream on the way round, and although I felt maybe I should have a child with me I embraced our 21 year old crazy golf excitement and blaaaaady loved it:

It was a pretty intense course

Highlight- the cat who just chilled on the various holes

 I'm not a very good photographer but I've bought some pretty nice stuff, I got some comfy jeggings from M&S today I love them! I have bought more but it is all scattered around my room in various places...

OOOOH and I also saw the Inbetweeners movie which was soooo funny, a couple of snorts of laughter escaped... I could watch it over and over and I would still think it was hilarious. I'm more in love with Neil than I've ever been especially after his God revelation, who knew?! 

So there you go. The highlight of today; having pizza express for lunch and then came home to be told we had pizza express pizza for dinner. I ate it allllll up. Oink


  1. those muffins look amazing!;o i hope you're feeling better sweetie!
    xo Elly @

  2. Thanks Elly! They tasted pretty yummy as well xxx


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