Thursday, 25 August 2011

SEVERE post university depression

Oooooooh deary. I've got a new and very serious illness. Post-university depression.

It has been growing for around a month now, ever since I got back from Rachel's birthday but it has hit me hardest today, perhaps that is because I'm not working until the evening and have nothing else to do but wallow in misery or maybe it is because I had a dream that we all lived together again. 

It just isn't cool that my housemates have been replaced by my parents and my sister, although we all do like a drink it just doesn't compete with being able to go to the pub or having lunch out with someone. I super miss having my friends down the road and being able to meet up with them for a cheeky drink/lunch. I live in a village with one nice pub, but none of my friends live close so its a blaaaady nightmare! And the buses, don't even get me started. One an hour. One an hour. Sickening

Not only that but I just can't seem to clear my overdraft, I'm trying sooooo hard but I need a good injection of student loan, super sad that won't be coming round again. The student loan day was so built up and exciting that it was almost like Christmas. The beautiful moment when my bank account was in credit! Obv didn't last long what with the rent coming out, but rose tinted glasses and what not...

I did read that it is normal to feel depressed so I'm embracing it as part of the leaving university routine. I need to be more positive for goodness sakes. I'm going to continue watching The Hotel Inspector in bed and go and buy some galaxy and watch True Grit with my sister. Bloody wild. 

Did anyone else get these feelings? Will I ever survive?!


  1. This was me a year ago! Honestly your post is exactly how I felt. I left uni and a part time job in wetherspoons last May and was flung into an office 9-5 which was so depressing. Goodbye long layings and hello long black trousers : /

    It does get better though and eventually it becomes easy to adjust.

    And regarding your overdraft? Dont worry mines still at the highest and I've been in full time work for a year!

  2. Ahhhh thank you very much Eloise! I'm glad someone had the same thing! Also very relieved that someone else has a never ending overdraft - bane of my life! xxx

  3. Boo! I remember this feeling all too well, in fact I still get it and I graduated two years ago :p *hugs* hope you get out of the mire soon. It takes a while to adjust for sure! xx

  4. Ahhhhh 2 years, it had better go away by then! At least I'm not writing essay after essay any more and having time to go shopping is a bonus! xxxx

  5. Ah yeh I felt the exact same. two years on and I still feel a little bit down that its all over. But it does get easier. I'd love to have to write an essay right now! hah


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