Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Big Smoke

Alright Darlin'?

I got back from a week (ish) with Lee in big London, well we only spent one day there but any more and I would probably get too excited and explode. The good thing about me is my sheltered life means I'm a cheap tourist. Just plonk me outside somewhere I recognise from monopoly and I'm off, snapping photos, posing, making Lee pose and just generally being a massive loser. This happened when we walked past The Ritz, down Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace.

A couple of examples of my cringey tourist photos. I don't care that people are crossing the road or that there are cones and roadworks in both photos. I'm just hyped to be there.

We had lunch in St James's park but it had to be cut short because I got a bit freaked out by the mangey squirrels which were making a bee-line for us and our food. They were too used to people and I didn't like it, they're just rats with (deceptive) fluffy tails. Then we went to the Science Museum but after we had done the interactive stuff it was mainly transport and stuff (yawn) so we left to go to Hamleys which was awesome. I thought I was going to OD on cuddly toys. I know I'm 21 but I still am a sucker for a cute teddy and have a cringe collection of them in my room which I just can't get rid off. All seem to have individual memories and look at me with pleading and cute glass eyes, it is a curse. Anyway then we walked down some super posh streets and had dinner at Pizza Express (standard, I like familiarity) and as we walked back to the tube all the young (and old) professionals were in the pubs and bars looking gorgeous. One day, one day...

On edge around squirrels

The job hunt (if you're interested) has taken a bad turn, hopefully the visit to London will reinforce my dreams of living in a big city. After the weekend I'm sure I will be all over it. Applying like there is no tomorrow! I've applied to 5 in total and def haven't got two because they didn't get back to me, and to be fair, one wanted me to be fluent in one other language and my French GCSE probably didn't cut it... I should probably stop applying for jobs that are out of my league. 


  1. Lovely (tourist) photos x)
    Hope you get a job soon, I'm looking for one as well and it's not easy at all. Good luck!!


  2. Hey, I found your blog through someone's blogroll and thought I'd say hi :)
    I'm a recent graduate too, and although I have a job it's definitely not want I want to be doing for long! So I know how you feel. We graduated at exactly the wrong time!

  3. Thanks girls for your lovely comments! I hope one day we can all be doing our dream jobs, it seems so far away though! xxxx

  4. Im exactly the same as you when it comes to being a 'tourist'. I live in Southampton so when I get to venture anywhere else (especially London) Im like a kid in a sweet shop!!! :) Keep going with the job hunt - there will be something out there eventually!!

    Now following you! :) xxx


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