Friday, 9 September 2011

New layout!

After weeks and weeks of scratching my head about how to change my blog I finally realised I could do it all on 'template designer' and not have to worry about html and all that nonsense. I've made it all pink and white and gaawwwjus. Pink isn't my favourite colour, honest. I just always go to it as a kind of safe but bright option...

Anyway BIG THANK YOU to Zoe from Girl in a Teeny Town who did my lush and diva-ish new header, she is honestly a massive sweetie and I owe her big time. She emailed me back so quickly, even when I asked stupid questions! Be sure to check out her pretty blog :)

That's all folks 


  1. Your blog looks very cute.I think pink was a great choice :)

  2. The header looks really cute (: x

  3. Thank you ladies, glad people like it! Big love for Zoe for doing it and helping me along xxxx


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