Thursday, 15 September 2011

Power dressing

Hi there darlings!

At the moment I am trying to muster up enough enthusiasm to complete a job application, I just can't do it. I feel like I need a big slab of chocolate and someone like Davina McCall sat next to me and encouraging me. Alas the best I could muster is power dressing and watching Scrubs which has kinda helped. 

Power dressing is my new thing. When applying for jobs I like to change my outfit to something a bit more formal which inspires me to get my job application head on. To be honest I don't own too many smart items of clothing so really it involves an ill put together outfit and a pair of heels but if it works, it works... right? This is what I'm wearing right now:

Ignore my face and hair- I need a haircut
I bought my top yesterday from Primark, my skirt is Topshop and my heels are Marks and Spencers (comfy). I did my top button up so I feel like I'm almost a professional and my skirt always makes me feel as if I'm dressed smartly. Just sitting in such an outfit means I feel better about myself and ready to rock and roll. The other day I managed to bang out two applications and was super pleased with myself. 

I'm also applying for jobs which I'm hugely under qualified for, but that is what being a graduate is all about (or so I tell myself). I find amazing jobs and then decide nothing is stopping me applying. All that can happen is a rejection and at least I've gained valuable job application experience, I sometimes feel like I have no bloody clue what to write and my examples of 'helping others' or 'working in a team to achieve goals' seem all a bit pathetic. If only I had saved the world in some way, or if I was brave enough to teach abroad or if I had done some kind of voluntary work. Oh well, a CV is only supposed to be one page anyway...

I did do some exploring/have a new experience yesterday as Lee took me to TGI Friday's which I have never been to before, it was delicious and the restaurant was so fun, also our waitress was super attentive and that always makes it more enjoyable. Here are some picture of our day out in Southampton:

Sporting the sexy 'sun in my eyes look'
So much cuteness
Had the chicken BLT but couldn't manage more that 5 chips, nightmare

On a sadder and more frustrating note my blackberry has died. I'm hopefully getting a new one sent for tomorrow. It is surprising how much I miss it! Stupid technology


Does any one else have any job hunting/ application hints? Anyone love a bit of a power dress session?! 


  1. totally do power dressing!!!! So true job hunting is surely one of the most soul destroying things ever, I treat it how I did revision when I was younger, In return for half a job episode of scrubs...full job application...cake baking session, two job applications...chocolate and blogging, and if I do three in a day, all of the above :P xxxx good luck!

  2. oooooh that is a good plan! I might have to up my rewards system to something similar, especially more cake/chocolate! xxxx

  3. Doing job apps is the most depressing thing ever! But power dressing sounds like a fun way to make it more enjoyable! Is there no volunteering you can do now to break up the monotony of applications and to boost your cv? I went on where you can find opportunities near you! xx

  4. I always get so nervy with job applications/interviews, always fearing that I'm not good enough. I think the power dressing is a great idea, if you feel confident that will show and make you shine :) just believe in yourself and you will find your perfect job :D
    really love the way you write, it's really funny and quirky :) I have the top that you're wearing in your southampton pics! Following you :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  5. @Rachel yea volunteering is on my list as well as stuffing my CV with work experience, I will def check that website out, thank you so much!

    @Holz thanks for your lovely comment! I hope the ideal job comes along too, all these applications are not fun!


  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE Scrubs! It always makes everything better! That is such a beautiful look and you're right, that skirt is professional perfection!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  7. @le sorelle, Scrubs always cheers me up, even when I've seen it before! Thank you for being nice about my outfit, I was not so sure but it did the job! xxxx

  8. OK I cannot believe you'd never been to TGI Friday's before like HOW???

    Aww so how's the job hunting going?

  9. @Hayley, I know, I've lived a sheltered life. I hadn't had a burger king until a few years ago at Alton Towers! The job hunting is going ok, it is just a bit soul destroying. Am trying to look in London because I feel now is the time to spread my wings and try living in the big smoke! xxxx

  10. I love all of your outfits!
    The same error happened to my Blackberry. =[ I was sick of dealing with my contract and they weren't going to help me out at all with getting another phone for less than $300 so I instead paid $200 to drop my contract and got a Tracfone.
    Not quite a Blackberry, but does the trick for half the price. =]

  11. Love your outfit in the first photo! Fabulous!


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