Friday, 28 October 2011

Dear Diary

Hello strangers!

Cripes it has been a long time, I'm such a slacker! I thought I would just update you all with what has been going on in my life. Admittedly it isn't much but I did go into big London again which is always cause for excitement.

This month saw Lee and I celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Can you believe that? I can't. Not in a bad way, in the 'oh my goodness I never had a boyfriend before and now I've had one for 3 years'  kind of way. When I was younger and more foolish I used to say 3 years was definitely time for proposals NOTANYMORE. 3 years has woooshed by, mainly because I've been at uni which is now all a blur. It has been a lovely woosh where I often think what a bloody mess I would be without having Lee to ring when I have a life panic or those days where I feel like every move I make I end up in a more crappy mind frame

Anyway, I went down the cafe where I worked this summer for a burger and a chat and Charlotte helped me make this: 

AM I NOT THE BEST EVER?! Ok maybe not. But seriously who wouldn't want a pebble with their face painted on?! It wasn't the only present I got him, also got him a photo album with photos in and series 7 of House (which we watched in about a week...). He bought me James Morrison's new album as I am in love with him and also another present which wasn't delivered on time so I have a surprise for later eeeee!
 Anyway I went up to Lee's for that and we obviously went into big London and I had the bloody best time ever. One day we met up with his friend Chris and his girlfriend Hazel and they had come with a planned walk from Little Venice (a bitter disappointment, barely anything like Venice) to Camden which was far too edgey for me. It was so nice to walk along the canal though and we ended up in a spoons near Soho which meant a well deserved G&T and a burger. Such a good day!! Another highlight of big London was a visit to John Lewis on Oxford Street with my friend Chris as we celebrated our 3 year friendship anniversary over wine and Pizza Express and then a special trip to Canary Wharf. I had been wanting to go there for ages, not a traditional tourist destination but it lured in me from my train window in the numerous trips into London. It was awesome, we went to Slug and Lettuce on Wine Wednesday and got the most expensive bottle for a little over £10. I didn't take many pictures because I was a bit drunk. AND to top it all off Chris had organised for Colleen to come meet us as well and it was beautiful, so beautiful. 

I did have to go back to Lee's and get a battered sausage and chips from the chippie to soak up the wine at about 8...

I've also been doing a load of baking. I love it. I just love it. I've expanded into breads now which is pretty intense as I am usually put off by the kneading and rising etc but both my Chelsea buns and breadsticks turned out delicious! 
Chelsea Buns (River Cottage), White Chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes, Salt and Pepper breadsticks (Lorraine Pascale) and Cinnamon Swirls.

I also went back to uni for a reUNIon (see what I did there?) and went out for a night out in the union. I love meeting up with everyone, I miss all my uni friends so much. Country bumpkin village life makes it even worse! It was niiiiiice, I caused a drama with Lee which is pretty standard. There are no excuses and I should probably search for the alcoholic drink which won't turn me in to some kind of crying drunk mess. EURGH. This is a formal apologies to all my friends who looked after me and told me to snap out of it. You are quite right. Sorry sorry sorry! I LOVE YOU ALL

Today a cow ran after me in a field and mooed in a way which suggested a battle call, maybe I shouldn't have photographed it... My mum and dad stayed calm whilst I squealed and ran. They said it could sense my fear. Harsh.

Look at the eyes. Staring me down.

ANYWAY I'm done. I'm done done done. I will update more at a later date.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! How exciting and lovely :) you've officially made me starving with all those gorgeous food snaps ha-ha!

    Lovely blog - following you now :)


  2. All the baking looks lovely. The cow story well made me laugh! xx

  3. hehehe, that cow looks evil. evil. Congrats on the three years :D I've been with my boy for 6 years and it is definitely NOT time for proposals of any kind. Lovely pics. Little Venice has its charms though, it's not like Venice I know, but it's calm and pretty and stuff. xx

  4. ahhh thanks guys, the cow moment was genuinely one of the scariest moments of my year. My parents kept taking me into more fields with more cows!

    Thanks for your congratulations of my 3 years, it means a lot!

    @Rachel, it was a surprise to see a canal and waterside properties in London, I loved walking by all the huge houses haha! xxx


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