Sunday, 30 October 2011


Ahhhhhh Halloween

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the world's biggest Halloween fan. When I was younger it was the best, I used to go around to my best friend's house and she always had a mini party and we did apple bobbing and trick or treating and murder in the dark. However I was always mega shy then and also had an irrational fear of big brothers of which she has 2. I am now luckily cured, I was also a bit scared of dogs but luckily Milly had cats. 

I was thinking how Halloween has changed over my life, from fun apple bobbing and trick or treating when I was young to being a non event and then at uni it became a perfect excuse for me to crack out my shortest skirts and shorts and prance around at house parties and student events. Now I'm sat here stalking my sister on facebook and getting insanely jealous of her shortest skirts and highest heels... Halloween has once again lost its shine. This has meant that I am getting nostalgic for the last few years (when am I ever not - as my mum has just kindly pointed out.)

HOWEVER Mum and I have just been to Tesco and bought two pumpkins and some trick or treat sweets just in case kids come knocking. She is now hollowing them out and later I think we are making pumpkin muffins. I will of course post photos of them at a later date. Rachel is also coming tomorrow to spend a few days which will be nice, I will feed her pumpkins all week long. UPDATE: mum has just finished this, its a bit simple but she is pretty damn pleased with herself!

I miss Halloween at university:

 Always classy...

 I'm dressed as someone from the 80s duuuuh....

I'm clearly just missing university life and being able to act young and carefree and drink horrendous amounts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slutty dresser, I wear black tights all the time (pasty pasty legs) and couple a short skirt with my biggest pants and always ensure I feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable is a must. Dressing up and going out makes my Halloween fun as I'm shit scared of any movie involving ghosts, possessed people or monsters. Or just anything that makes me jump. Black Swan was terrifying, I had to go to the toilet to calm myself down and remind myself it isn't real life.

Anyway, I'm not really sure where this is going... 



  1. nice pumpkin, mine ended up looking de-formed...which actually worked for halloween although it wasnty my intention lol
    so sad i didnt dress up this year, i was being too cool for school (well halloween...but next year...i am so being little red riding hood no matter what happens! xxx

  2. Hehe your posts always crack me up, I'm in tune with your humour :) I feel the same anyway, loved it as a kid, then did the dressing as a cat getting super drunk thing at uni, and now it's rather blah. There are no pumpkins within the perimeters of my house. Your mum's one is simple but scary, that grin.... xxx

  3. Simple pumpkins are always the best :)
    I totally understand what you mean, halloween always used to be amazing when I spent it at my mums because she decorates the whole house and does loads of yummy food, but I'll be at uni tomorrow and won't get home in time to join in with it all :(
    haha I loved your ending bit with wear big knickers, made me laugh a lot :)
    Take care <3 Holz oxo

  4. This post was soo funny! I was saying to my boyfriend the other day when your a kid halloween is amazing then you grow up a bit and it's not so cool then when you grow up some more its just an excuse to dress up and get drunk! xx

  5. Thank you girls! I feel so odd just watching Strictly this weekend and baking, def not helped by my sister being at uni! My mum is very pleased with all her compliments!! @dipdabs Red Riding Hood is such a good call! @Rachel I'm glad you've been through the same thing :) @Holz thanks for reading! Its the same as christmas, way more special when you're younger! Xxxx

  6. @Lauren I'm glad we are on the same wavelength! It doesn't really happen for any other holiday! Xxxx

  7. I miss all the fun parties and lots of fancy dress from uni too, I was never the best at putting together costumes but had a lot of fun trying! x

  8. I still get dressed up at Halloween and do crazy things with my friend's - any excuse for a party!

    Emma xxx

  9. Can't wait for Halloween's arrival!


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