Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cheers to the freakin' weekend


I thought I had better do a BIG THANK YOU POST. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last blog, they cheered me up no end, and I know that I didn't shut up about them on Twitter but they really did.  They must have worked as I got 3 interviews! I've also got a second interview this Wednesday so fingers and toes crossed that I get that job! I really want it, you know when you walk in a place and it all seems right? I got it big time, mainly as they informed me it was 'Cake Fridays.' Awesome. I went to one yesterday but I was too overqualified, which is a bit annoying, but at least encased in that statement there is a tiny ego boost...

 Thank you to all my new followers who made my Christmas wish of '50 for Christmas' come true. I know that was sad but what the heck, it cheered me up! I hope that I post more regularly so that you will think ' I'm so glad I followed Becca, she's hilarious.'

Thank you blog for being on my CV and giving me something to talk about in interviews. Nothing makes me light up more in an interview than when people ask me about it and I can waffle on and on about how I love to write, about networks, feedback and support. 

Anyway today I went to a gift fair at my local sailing club. It was so posh, with married couples saying 'oooh do you think the childraaaaan will liiiike this?' and kids with names I couldn't even spell. I bought myself a cheeky bracelet from a very well spoken young lady. She was the type of young lady who was speaking about travelling and the little craft shops she visited. She was also wearing a bright multi coloured scarf indoors. You know the type I mean. Then I went to my local beach cafe and had hot chocolate, luckily Rob rang so I didn't sit there looking like a loner and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. I'm horrendously bad at keeping in touch with people and I need to buck my ideas up.


Yesterday, well what a day! I went to this interview to be told I am overqualified but hey ho. Then met Lorna and had a cup of tea and a spot of Christmas shopping. I'm so organised for this year, at least unemployment has it's perks! I met my dad for (a free) lunch. I then went over the road to my old bosses and hung around like a bad smell. In the evening I went down the village hall with them for a spot of wine tasting. My baby face caused constant amusement throughout the evening:

Charlotte: well you are only 15 Becca
Me: that joke is wearing thin now
Wine Man: so how old are you? 18?
Me: no, 21
Wine Man: You are older than me?! I'm 20! 

I died a little inside 

On that note, I'm off to laze around and drink Pepsi. I'm not 100% sure about Pepsi but it was buy one get one free, I'm a sucker for a deal.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Oh yay good luck for the second interview, sounds promising!! Give me a little luck please? :p People still think I look younger than I am (25) it gets annoying! Thanks for all your comments too! xx

  2. Good luck with the interview! Im sure it will go well.

    People either ask me if I'm 29 or 17 and I'm like :O (im 21) how rude! Xx

  3. Good luck with the interview! People always seem shocked when I say I'm 25! :) x

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm glad I'm not the only one plagued by a young face. At least when we are older it will come in handy! xxxx

  5. Well done on the 50 followers and good luck for the interview! xxx

  6. Good luck with the second interview. Your posts always make me smile! xx

  7. Never thought of putting my blog on my CV what a good idea :) xxx

  8. Cheers m'ladies! (Cant pull that off...) xxxxx


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