Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Feng Shui

Ok, I have to admit I don't know the first thing about Feng Shui

However I did spend this Sunday cleaning out my room. It was mainly something to do with my day and as my dad was decorating I thought I would do something similar. I also believe that a clean room means a clean mind and on some level it must work because I have been sleeping much better and getting up much easier. I have also developed an unhealthy obsession with candles. I have a couple of delicious ones my mum bought me from Ikea; berry and vanilla.

Anyway I started by throwing out all my old books. I have to say I was initially pissed by coming home from uni and finding a bookcase in my room. My mum has a nasty habit of piling shit she doesn't need into my room. I came home after graduation and found ghastly electric christmas candles in my room... Anyway it was all going swimmingly until I got to throwing out my 5 Princess Diaries books and I just couldn't do it. I know, I know I am way too old but one day my children can have them. Anyway here is the finished result:

As you can see my room is a bright purple which was cool and funky (or at least I thought so) when I was 12. The reason I want to de clutter is so I can paint it a calming cream and have a feature wall using a Laura Ashley wallpaper I've picked out. 

My room is tiny, it isn't even supposed to be a room. There is a fake wall on one side, which is solid but when you bang it there is a hollowness to it. Similar to my last uni house... As a result everything is crammed in and there is little room to dance around. Cleaning my chest of drawers and my weird bedside desk/general dumping area has really made it feel lighter and more roomy. I should have done it ages ago. I threw out 2 black sacks of rubbish and have a box full of stuff I've put on Amazon (if you need any sociological texts, I'm your woman, I'm selling them pretttty cheap). 

Yes I've still got a lot of shit, but it was the best I could do. I get hugely sentimental about rubbish and find it hard to throw stuff away 'oooooh I remember when I got that' 'oh I've had that nearly 10 years' 'So and so gave me that I can't bin it!'  Oh and the white patches on the wall are where I've picked off my horrible silver wall stickers. It is a work in progress OK?! 

Anyway, I just thought I would share. I need to start blogging more and this is a start. 

Anyone else live in their old and now outdated room?

p.s. Please link me to any design/furniture shops you know so that I can look around for new clutter! 


  1. Ooh I love what you've done with the lights! My room is tiny too- not only is it "ours" as there's the boyf to consider, but it used to be the kitchen (a small one at that) so it is very very tiny!! I love Urban Outfitters home stuff- expensive and ridiculous but all so nice... xxx

  2. I love decluttering - its so so true, once your room/home is in order you feel so much more relaxed!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished result!

    My favorite home store is definatley www.homesense.com


    George | frecklie.blogspot.com

  3. I'm so messy its unreal I hang on to so much crap, I form attachments to everything! Thankfully when I go home from uni my room isn't too outdated as it last got decorated in cream with pale purple 'accents' (lol) when i was about 15 so it's not too childish! I really like the fairy lights around your mirror xxx

  4. I am now going to spend all night looking up decorations on these websites! I love it! Although decluttering has its merits the attraction is now to pile it all up with new more stylish ornaments etc! Am going to have to be strict! xxxx

  5. I love the little knickknacks you have lying around on your shelves: the sheep, matryoshka dolls & the kokeshi doll!


  6. To be honest, I've got the exact same problem!
    Check out our blog?

  7. I totally need to declutter my room, like you said it is therapeutic but I still keeping putting it off! I have the same make up bag with the ducks :) x

  8. @vulegnarts: thanks, I've had them years but never know what to do with them all haha!

    @for the damaged: will have a little peek now!

    @Caroline: hahaha it is so old, but does the job just fine. I really want a prettier one though/a bigger one


  9. I live with my boyfriend so we share a room, and it is SO much ahrder to personalise when theres two fo you. I love your laura ashley wallpaper idea, and your mirror with lights is pretty funky too

    I managed to throw away my old princess diary books :( but I couldn't part with my Sarra Manning collection.. so alongside my grown up books I have things like 'Guitar girl' and 'Diary of a Crush'.. embarrassing but I love them! xx

  10. Hahah I love the young girly books, I just had to keep some! Oh yea it must be hard, keep nagging until you get your way xxxx

  11. Your room looks so cosy :) love it


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