Saturday, 24 December 2011


HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE MY LITTLE CHICKENS! I am so excited right now, we have just eaten our gammon dinner and Mariah is playing loudly in the other room. I'm making sure that I take loads of photos this year, I will print them all out as well. I like a good keepsake! I have had a lovely day today, I picked Lee up with mum and we came home and had a vodka and exchanged cards - we got each other almost exactly the same card, creepy! We have watched Christmas TV including Christmas Total Wipeout, The Santa Clause 2 and a few bits of panto.

I'm looking forward to watching the Christmas special of Outnumbered and then Lapland oh and eating lots of Celebrations and Mini Cheddars. The best of the night is when I put the presents under the tree, I can not wait to lug Lee's huge stocking down! It is smelling nice and festive here with the tree and the roast dinner. It also hasn't rained which is a Christmas miracle! Here are a few pictures of my day:

I hope you all have the most magical Christmas Eve and are feeling relaxed and well loved, whatever you are doing.

Lots of Christmas eve magic and love


  1. that table looks great, yum! As does the cake. Merry Christmas lovely! xx

  2. Ah that cake looks totally gorgeous!! So does the christmas table!! Hope you're having a wonderful christmas my lovey!!! Xxxx

  3. I love that picture of you nd your boyfriend, you look so happy x

  4. Such lovely photos :]



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