Saturday, 10 December 2011

December 10th

Hello there! This is my second attempt at a scheduled post, the first one I had to publish myself because my time settings were like 8 hours behind. I think I've rectified this and fingers crossed this works! At the moment I should be Christmas shopping with Lee and browsing through items in John Lewis I can't afford... The John Lewis home department gets me so excited for when I have a real home of my own! 

Anyway today's post fits in nicely with my one about Lee's stocking, because it is stocking fillers. Obviously they're mainly for women BUT you can get the same kind of thing for men. I didn't want to put too many man things up in case I give the game away completely for Lee. So this is roughly what I find in my stocking: 

What do you normally find in your stocking?


  1. I would love to find some Model's Own in my stocking. I usually get a bath thing from Lush, some chocolate and a few random odds and ends! xo

  2. What's so sad is that I don't have a stocking lol! Though this is definitely something I want to do in the future for my boyfriend as well as for any kids I have- it's just so cute and thoughtful!

  3. A chocolate orange! Love them, hope santa remembers to bring me one again this year! x

  4. @ Rachel, I have left lee some pretty big hints about nail polish!

    @ Hazel oh no bad times! Get one, it means more presents haha!

    @ Caroline, christmas isn't complete without one!

  5. I love the philosophy kit! Their products are always fantastic!
    Great ideas!!

    The Urban Umbrella


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