Sunday, 11 December 2011

December 11

Waaaaa, waaa, woe is me, my laptop charger has given up completely in a spectacular burst of sparks and crackling. I am consequently using my mum's and to say it is the slowest laptop in the world is an understatement. Please bear with me whilst my new charger is dispatched from Amazon and apologies in advance if my posts are a bit ropey over the next few days!

Anyway I've got a few photos here from a local Christmas market, well not that local but hey ho. I had to take them on Lee's iPhone because being the terrible blogger I am, I didn't bring my camera. In my defence I was only out Christmas shopping and I didn't realise there would be a full blown market with sweets, sausages and nuts galore!

As you can probably gather from the photos Lee has an iPhone and he has lovingly edited these for me, apart from the red hats in Costa, I did that one because I flipping love all the photography apps. I had such a good day yesterday, even if it was a bit stressful barging through the crowds, Primark was actually an oasis of calm!

I'm now watching Elf yaaaaaaaay

Have you been to a Christmas Market this year?
How is the shopping coming along?


  1. These photos have proper got me in the christmas spirit!!!

    Ive finished my shopping now. I literally just need to print some photos to put in some frames for people and then I'm done and dusted. xxxx

  2. Great photos! I uploaded pictures of my local Christmas market a few days ago :)

  3. Lovely pics, I went to a Christmas market the other day although I never buy anything there! Woop I was watching Elf earlier too :) xx

  4. I love christmas markets, I went to the one in Birmingham on Friday and loved it! xxx

  5. Great christmassy photos! I went to the Manchester Christmas Market last week, it was great in terms of all the variety of different food - i bought several pastries & other sweet-treats. Wasn't great for general shopping though, should just be called a food market!

    Georgie <3

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I honestly didn't realise there was so many christmas markets out there! I love the iphone for photos! xxxxxx

  7. Great photos, Becca! I always look forward to your posts, they are always so positive & fun!

    The Urban Umbrella


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