Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December 13th

Hello there! Crickey isn't Christmas heading towards us quickly now! I can not believe it, less than two weeks now and I'm getting more and more excited by the day. I am also getting really really hyped for Lee to come, I can not wait for us to watch films, eat loads, drink a lot and open each others presents. I've listened to Mariah's Christmas album all day today (got it for a bargain £3 in Tesco) and I am beyond ready.

Today I've not done much, I really haven't done much for the last couple of days, it is pretty depressing and I am a bit worried about what I am going to do after Christmas when I don't have much to focus on. I guess I will just have to up my game and hit the job hunting harder and more efficiently. I sent off a paper application today which was pretty wild and old school. I also got caught in a hail storm on the way back from the post box which was slightly annoying, but I did an olympic style sprint back to my house and luckily I had remembered to put my slipper socks on the radiator so they were toasty warm.

I am waiting for my charger to arrive so that I can do proper posts that I can spend all day on so I apologise for the ropey post today. It is the best I can do! Tomorrow I think I am going to check out the Christmas specials on TV and do my pick of the best. I am also thinking of doing a mini giveaway at the end of December to thank you all for bearing with me (I am on the dole so I'm not promising much...) what do you think?

Here are my pics of my Christmas so far (we aren't getting a tree until the 19th CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!) but they're hardly that inspiring. PLEASE link me to your blogs with Christmas photos so I can check out how much better you are doing than me!

This year is a big one for me, I'm in charge of the Christmas cake. I think I've mentioned it before but I've just put more brandy on the top and this was the first time I had seen it since I had finished and wrapped it up what seems like years ago! I think it looks pretty good and Christmas cake like! Second is some festive stained glass biscuits. I will do the recipe soon! They look great hanging on your tree or just as treats.  Third is the penguin that I said I would knit for Lee, he has one wing longer than the other and no eyes as of yet, and he looks a bit ropey on the old tummy but other than that I'm pretty pleased! Think I'm going to put him under the tree on top of his presents.

What do you think to a January giveaway?
Have you got any festive pics for me to look at?


  1. Oh yum, the christmas cake and the biscuits look delish! Good luck with the job hunting, I hope you get somewhere with the application you send off today :), I remember filling in paper applications when I was like 16 but I don't remember doing them very often after that! xx

  2. oh my god that penguin is AMAZING!!! I love him so much, you've done such a good job girl :) Wish I was that good at knitting, I can't remember for the life of me how to do it! I'm sure your mr is going to love him :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  3. oo i love christmas and cake! Good luck with the job search! I don't think I've ever filled out a peper application.


  4. Aww that penguin is amazing! I want it lol!

  5. N'awww he's a gorgeous little penguin! <3 Christmas Day isn't coming quick enough for me - I've bought and wrapped all my pressies and now I'm like a sulky kid moaning that it's not here yet! :P hehe. xoxox

  6. Wow well impressed with your cake!! Argh the job hunt is such a tedious and depressing thing isn't it? :( your knitting skills are amazing, I hope you're putting that on your application forms! xx

  7. The cake is my christmas pride and joy, I look after it like a baby, I was so slow unwrapping it last night, such a big responsibility! Thanks for the penguin love everyone! And Rachel, the job hunt is killing me! Now my charger is back (yaay) I have no excuses! xxxxx

  8. Such a cute Penguin! I can't believe you knitted that, I am so impressed!!!!

    The Urban Umbrella

  9. The stained glass biscuite look delicious xx


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