Friday, 16 December 2011

December 16th

I really need to think of more imaginative titles to these blogs... but then titles aren't my strong point. I spend hours trying to think of the perfect one.

Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments on my last post. I am unbelievably stressed by the whole episode. I rang up Toshiba who were lovely people but not much help and then I rang up software support but they wanted to charge me £50 to fix it over the phone, and as a technopohobe there is no way I trust them to do that. They didn't even make a firm diagnosis so there is no way that was going to happen! Trust this to happen to me - the one month I say I will blog every day, the one month I become mildly popular everything goes tits up!

Today's blog will try to build upon the shambles of last night, and it will be on board games. The reason this blog is so late is because my mum wouldn't let me use her laptop until I had sat through Chalet Girl with her, which I have to admit was rather good. I love a rom com but being long distance makes them the most sickening thing but also 100 times more emotional. Happy couples aren't great to watch when you miss your boyfriend, nor is a heart wrenching hugely romantic beginning of a relationship, especially not when you know your reality is getting a train for an hour and a half and then feeling tired, grouchy and down right unattractive. Saying that, my life would make a terrible film so I can't ever complain, no one in their right mind would pay to see that!

Anyway here are my top 3 board games I like to play at Christmas:

1. Settlers of Catan. We got this a few years back and it took us so long to learn all the rules, we still have a print out with them all on... It is so worth it though, I've only won once but it was worth the three years of playing just for that one sweet victory. Lee also bought my family the extension pack last year which added a whole new level with boats and islands. I highly recommend it!


2. Cluedo. After a controversial debate in the pub last night I realised Cluedo wasn't as popular as I thought, split us right down the middle. I absolutely love it, I don't know why, I think it is the old school version we have which has all my old younger musings over murderers and weapons written in semi permanent felt tips... My sister stole Miss Scarlett as her favourite so I was left with Mrs Peacock as mine, which isn't all bad but I still hold a bit of resentment as Miss Scarlett is clearly the best and prettiest. This probably makes no sense to anyone. Oh younger minds....


3. Escalado. Ok bear with me on this one, but we got this horse racing game one year as a present (or so I think, my memory is a bit hazy, sure my mum will correct me) and it holds pretty warm memories for me! It is so old school, and you have to pick a horse then wind a crank to see which one gets to the finish line first. So good, SO MUCH TENSION. It broke after a few goes because they wouldn't move as easily when we turned the crank, it is now in the garage...


What are your favourite games to play at Christmas?


  1. We always play Trivial Pursuit - me and dad vs my mom and my brother!

    We win every year! Lol :-D but it's still so much fun!


  2. Aww I wish my family played board games - it's very sweet :)

  3. I learnt a new game last night called 'Spoof' Its amazing!!! HAHA xxxx


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