Sunday, 18 December 2011

December 18th

Helllooooo! Oh my goodness am I tired, however I must stay up longer so that I can watch the final episode of The Killing 2 which my mum and I are iplayering. It is sooo goooood, the first series was better I think but this series is gripping! Today I have finally finished my Christmas shopping and it feels so good! I went in to town with Bill and got it done, despite his strops about the plain nature of Lee's presents... I had a great time, had a McDonalds and a tea in the Marks and Spencer cafe, only 2 more teas until I get my free one YAAAAY! I've also wrapped all my presents now, which was great fun and it makes it so much more real. Lee has quite the pile in my room and his stocking. AND tomorrow is Christmas tree day! I am so excited! The smell and the lights and seeing all the presents I have wrapped sitting under there!

Anyway today's post is a Christmas Tag which I got from Soph's blog Flirty Dresses (which I love), she needs lots of love today because she has damaged her coccyx!

1. Favourite christmas song:

Shakin' Stevens 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. QUALITY

2. Favourite christmas colour:

I'm going with the classic combination of red and green! Can't beat it.
3. Favourite reindeer:

The hero - Rudolph
4. Favourite christmas drink:

Bucks Fizz, You can't beat it when having your Christmas dinner!

5. Favourite christmas food:

I have to agree with Soph here - Pigs in Blanket. I love love love them!

6. Favourite christmas films:

Die Hard
Love Actually
The Snowman (I think that counts)
7. Christmas eve or christmas day?

Christmas day, I do love both but the presents and dinner pushes it in the favour of Christmas day.

8. Favourite thing to do at christmas:

Eat, drink, sing, snuggle and give gifts

9. Favourite christmas memory:

One year when I was much younger we were walking back from the Blessing of the Crib at our local church, it was Christmas eve night and really clear skies. Mum and dad said to me and Katherine that if we were quiet we might be able to hear the bells of Father Christmas' sleigh. It still makes me excited!

10. Favourite christmas tradition:

We all line up at the front door and don't go in to the lounge until we are all ready because we might break the Christmas magic and our presents will disappear. We still do it now!

I tag everyone to do this post! I would love to read your answers so leave a link in the comments if you do it!


  1. Love your "Christmas tag"! I have a list too, check it out here:

    Christmas Tag

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Ahh you can't beat a bit of bucks fizz at Christmas! I need to finish my shopping tomorrow, can't wait to wrap it all and everything be done! x

  3. Awh bless you thanks babe!! :) I love what you have written for the final question!!! Xxxx

  4. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog, glad you liked my attempt at nail art! Just did the Christmas Tag too :) xoxo

  5. only 2 more teas until I get my free one YAAAAY!
    This made me crack up. My mother is obsessed with getting her free teas from M&S.


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