Monday, 19 December 2011

December 19th

TODAY IS TREE DAY! We finally got our tree today, I've been moaning about the lack of decorations and tree for days now. I wasn't 100% happy becuase mum and I had to go out in the cold rain and pick it out, it did mean that there was no one else at the tree place so it was stress free! I can smell it now, I think the smell is my favourite thing about the tree. We haven't decorated it yet, my mum has put some pity tinsel on it but other than that it is bare. Tomorrow we can spend all day decorating it and listening to Christmas tunes and being generally festive. I'm so excited now! We went to Waitrose (classy) to get some festive food but we were bitterly disappointed, no pigs in blankets, no whole turkey and no candied fruit for cakes! What.a.joke. The only pigs in blankets they had were huge and were Heston's but because he is so out there who knows what they will be like, they may not even be pig sausages, probably something like pigeon...

I've snapped away at our decorations, we don't have a huge amount but it is definitely looking better than before! I thought I would just share some. Tomorrow I plan on showing you the decorated tree and my favourte baubles etc.




Massive apologies for the huge tinsel, it looks an utter state haha!
I cannot believe that Christmas is THIS WEEK. It is nice because my mum is off work now and I have someone to talk to! I'm sick to death of sitting around, job hunting and waiting for my parents to get in! My sister is also back soon so that will be even better, it is nice to have her around so I can wind her up.

How is your home lookign for decorations?
Do you have a real tree or a fake one?


  1. Aw your decorations looks fab! My mum's put our lights up but keeps begging me to sort the tree out, I just can't be bothered, oops! xxx

  2. Love how you've decorated! The christmas cards all hung up look lovely! =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Thanks ladies! I like the cards as well, especially the festive pegs! xxxx

  4. I really like the candle in the fireplace! Very cute and festive! Have fun decorating your tree :)

  5. Hehe love your fireplace! And what is Heston playing at with weird pigs in blankets :p Woop my mum always waited really late to get a tree too! xx

  6. Your tree looks nice. We have a fake tree but my boyfriend has a real one at his house, I much prefer real ones xx


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