Thursday, 1 December 2011

December 1st

I've had a brainwave! 

I'm going to use my blog as a kind of online advent calender. For the month of December I will post something christmassy every day! I know that previously I haven't been very committed to posting regularly but hopefully my love of Christmas will keep me going. 

Today's post involves my pick of presents for men. I know that a lot of my followers have boyfriends and I thought this might be of some help, so I rang up Lee and asked him what are cool presents for men. He gave me some good ideas, and some not so good ideas... This is the end result: 

This year Lee is getting a Christmas jumper whether he wants one or not, I have found some lovely ones and it is a definite wardrobe necessity for the chilly winter months ahead. I also love the hardback Penguin classics, I've already bought him Dorian Gray and I own a beautiful copy of Wuthering Heights. I also often buy Lee coke or chocolate as a mini-present (so generous) and Christmas is the perfect time to think outside the box and go crazy, I personally love all things chocolately and festive from M&S. 

I find men the hardest to buy for, do you agree? I have no idea where to start. 
Anyone got any good ideas that I've not included?



  1. This is a really cute post. I absolutely LOVE christmas :) I've already bought my boyfriends gifts and sadly didn't get any jumpers :( I did get books, aftershave and chocolate and things like that though.

    I'd suggest things like a nice bag and a nice wallet too, its the kind of thing they don't really think about but that they always love when you hand it over!

    I'll pass this post onto my friends in case they're stuck with what to buy xx

  2. A wallet is such a good idea! A book is always a good present, except it isn't very exciting when wrapped up haha, I have a thing against neat wrapping... xxxx

  3. I feel that, as a man, I am qualified to talk on this topic. I would say that men can be hard to buy for, but women can be equally hard to buy for. I think it depends on how many interests/hobbies the person in question has, and whether they would openly suggest present ideas.

    I would say I have had equal trouble and ease buying for both sexes, so I believe it would be unfair to label one as more or less troublesome.

    On the topic of Lee's suggestions, I think they are pretty good, though I think he has missed out pants, socks and Bon Jovi CDs. Apart from that, he has neatly summed up men in eight presents.

    Nice blog, by the way - I am looking forward to the coming advent blogs! x

  4. Men are sooo difficult to buy for!! Their usual response when you ask them what they'd like is either 'I'm not bothered about anything' or 'whatever I'm not fussed'' so annoying! xxx

  5. This is such a great idea! I need all the help I can get when it comes to buying gifts for my dad, grandad or brother haha. This is very helpful indeed.

    xx Carina

  6. I feel like I've bought my boyfriend the very best presents in the world and now I don't know what else to get him. I've used up all of my good presents.

    You're profile says you're looking for your dream job?? I finally have a job and I've been there 3 and a half years and I pretty much hate it! Need something new, so I'm also on the job hunt!. Good luck.

    Mabel Time

  7. I fully agree Lauren, Lee is normally quite vague which is not helpful! I always stick a DVD or a book in as a nice staple present.

    Thanks Carina! Don't even get me started on what to buy for my dad, also usually a book...

    Mabel, oh man you are at the other end of the spectrum to me! It is annoying when you don't know how to top your last presents! Thanks, I def need all the help I can get!!


  8. I love how you've included vanilla coke on this. I used to drink it all the time in Australia and would genuinely love to get some for christmas!

  9. I generally don't find it too hard to buy for my boy- shirts/jumpers/cardigans he always loves and then maybe a dvd or a book.. Love the Christmas jumper though and those book covers are gorgeous. May have to invest in one... xxx


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