Tuesday, 20 December 2011

December 20th

Why hello there! I'm back again, this every day for a month business is really taking it out of me, it is so hard to find something to write! I didn't get up until midday today because I'm lazy, and because my bed was so warm I didn't want to drag myself from it. My mum and I put the Christmas lights up for the outside of the house, it was like dicing with death as I was wobbling all over the place on the step ladder, but it is so worth it. We have some super ones with six settings, six whole settings! I've also decorated the tree today, it is choc full of old decorations, tiny tinsel and stars. I CAN'T WAIT TO PUT MY PRESENTS UNDER IT. It smells so nice, although when I touch the tree it makes my hands all itchy, does anyone else get that? I've also put marzipan on the cake which is looking pretty good, dad has requested that only the top is decorated and the sides left bare, Delia's idea I think. It means less work for me! As I am writing this I'm watching the old Dr Who Christmas special with David Tennant, the episodes back in the day were so much better than the ones on now, David is also way fitter than Matt Smith. The Doctor is crying, I'm totes emosh about it, especially with Bernard Cribbins shedding a tear as well.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree decorations:

Does your tree have a colour scheme?
Do you have any favourite decorations?


  1. David Tennant will always be my Doctor lol!


  2. Ahhh your tree looks so nice. Your decorations are really festive as well!! Ours are very boring - They are all silver!! Haha.

    David Tenant was a great doctor! Love him. xxxxx

  3. You tree is so cute! I love all your decorations & how festive it all looks!

    The Urban Umbrella

  4. your tree looks lovely, i love all of your decorations :) my mum always makes her tree immaculate and it always has a silver colour scheme with a tiny bit of gold, but my dad makes his totally crazy with every colour under the sun, i love them both :D
    im so excited for xmas!!!
    <3 Holz oxo


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