Thursday, 22 December 2011

December 22nd

I AM SO SORRY! I missed a day because I got drunk and emotional, I know it isn't an excuse but I was in no fit state to write anything! I guess it was bound to happen because there would be one day where life (drink) would get in the way. I had a very christmassy day yesterday because in the morning I went over to Charlotte's and we watched It's a Wonderful Life, which neither of us had seen before. It was really good, I highly reccommend it, it makes you  feel so good about life! Being black and white I felt a bit cultured as well. Then we met Billy and went ice skating, not cool romantic ice skating but down the local rink. We almost didn't make it there becuase we were all a bit nervous about looking like idiots, I doubt they often get three 21 year olds going skating... IT WAS SO WORTH IT though and I had an amazing time. I got used to it quite quickly and was off. Charlotte was so funny, at first she had to spend her time clinging on to the sides and pushing herself around which amused me no end! Then she made friends with a small girls who was having the same troubles and after a while let go of the edge and was off! It was after our hour skating that we decided to get some drinks and food and things went rapidly downhill, I had a huge glass of wine, 3 dissaronos on the rocks and me and Charlotte shared 2 bottles of prosecco, it was never going to end well. I did manage a lasagna and chicken strips though...

Today I have been to the job centre, my least favourite place on earth, especially as I was hungover. It was looming over me and thoroughly dampening my festive cheer, even more so because I've not had any money yet, despite being registered for nearly a month, my adviser did say it was coming soon. If you are lucky enough to have escaped the job centre then you won't know that you have to go every 2 weeks with a green book and a slip where you write what you've been doing to get a job. I went today to see an adviser who gives career advice and sorts out your CV etc with you. She was very nice and did find me two jobs, now I've said I'm interested I have to apply, or something like that. You get a nice print out of the job details and what they're looking for, except my job centre insists on printing everything out on beige cheap paper which in a way says it all.

I have spent all day doing the application, I don't think I am very good at them though, I've not got enough experience under my belt to fully answer all the questions and I am terrible at bullshitting my way through all the forms.

Blahblahabahla. I have some photos from yesterday and I will upload them tomorrow. I'm going now because I am so tired and lovesick. I'm such a joke!



  1. I hope you get a great job soon. I've been there and I know how it feels...Just don't give up.I wish you all the best :)

  2. Boo, I hate the job centre, definitely one of the most depressing places in the world! Good luck with all the apps m'dear! xxx

  3. Aww I'd love to go ice-skating someday! Though I'd probably make a fool of myself lol!

    Hope you find a job soon, I'll need to start looking for one too :(


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