Friday, 23 December 2011

December 23rd

YAY it is Christmas eve eve! I am so excited to see Lee tomorrow, I might go to bed early so I can sleep the night away, why am I so sad?! I am feeling much better than I did yesterday, I should probably stop being so moody when it comes to Diary of a Diva. I've learnt a lot from posting almost everyday, mainly that it is a great place for me to vent my frustrations at life and that the blogging community is the best. I've spent so much of my time commenting on blogs, discovering new ones and being a general stalker. After December I will obviously take a few days off but I will be posting far more regularly, and sharing the trials and tribulations of 2012, and hopefully you will stick with me. I'm also hoping my laptop will be fixed by then, my mum is going to take it into work and then I can load photos and blogs much quicker!

Today I've had my haircut which is just in time for Christmas, it has completely lost the lovely style she put it in due to the wind and rain I had to walk in, but it feels so much lighter. I had a nightmare on the way to the hairdressers because I hate not washing my hair everyday, and because I do it so frequently it greases up at an ridiculous rate, and I didn't wash it before my appointment at 12.45 and had to walk around town with my fringe pinned back and in a ponytail, yuck yuck. It was worth it though for that lovely head massage you get. I always try to keep my eyes open because I don't want to look like I am enjoying it too much, does anyone else get the overwhelming urge to close your eyes when they're conditioning your hair?

Here are the only two photos I took of ice skating. As you can see they aren't very good but hey ho!

Here are some of my little christmas pics from my phone, this beautiful stone was painted for me by Charlotte, of Charlotte Says fame. IT IS SO PRETTY! I think if I do a giveaway at the end of the month I will def buy ine off her and put it in the prizes. I also knitted a cute robin and a father christmas and elf, mad skillz. The elf went over to Charlotte's like a little craft exchange!

Is everyone super excited for Christmas eve?! What are your plans?

Lots of festive love


  1. I LOVE ice skating! And those little craft pieces are adorable :)

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, I hope you get all that you wish for.

    xx Carina

  2. Awh those little bits are so cute!!! :) Im so excited for christmas, although I have a cough which is really annoying me right now haha xxxxx

  3. Hey, how would you feel about doing a guest post for my blog? xx

  4. You look lovely! Yay ice skating, I'm pretty rubbish at it. Happy Christmas to you anyway lovely :) xxx

  5. Aww Merry Christmas! And seeing as I've never been ice-skating, is it hard to balance on the blades?

  6. Thanks for all the commnets! And Hazel no it is really easy on the floor but a different story completely on the ice! It is way harder, but you can walk around quite easily before you get on the rink xxxx

  7. Aww thanks for letting me know, I've always been curious about that lol!


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